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Manmin Church and Lee-Jaerock :
"a dangerous cult of extremist mysticism"

Last revised August 25, 2005

The Lee-Jaerock sect displays the typical feature of the idolization and diefication of a common sect leader.
Students of Manmin are attending praise sessions under the idolized picture of Lee-Jaerock. Manmin church
members believe that a healing spiritual ray is coming out from the photo of Lee-Jaerock and protect them.
They replace the healing power of Jesus Christ with the ability of their idol. What is the source of the
power? A French analyst called it possibly a spirit of Antichrist.

Is Lee-Jaerock a returned Jesus? 

Manmin book store located inside of Manmin Joon-ang Church sells this key holder embeded with the photo of Lee-Jaerock, written with "Jesus" mark on his portrait. Many fanatic followers of Lee-Jaerock confess without hesitation that Lee-Jaerock is the Jesus of our time who will conclude the will of God in the end of day. If one of them is asked about his confession about Lee-Jaerock later, he gives an evasive answer, he cannot remember or is reluctant to answer about it. 
See "JESUS" mark right on his picture. It makes new believers to believe Lee-Jaerock is a man like Jesus or Jesus himself. They are even brain-washed with the idea that if they trust Lee-Jaerock 100%, they will receive the answer from God even more rapidly.
Normally Manmin church members use this Lee-Jaerock key holder for automobile key holder. They believe that Lee-Jaerock's picture would protect them from any plays of evil powers, just like the amulet to avert evils and they would be safe from any traffic accident.

The Manmin Joong-ang Church (referred to as the Manmin Church below) was established on 10 Oct 1982 by Lee-Jaerock. Before He established the church, He had been sick for 7 years just after he got married. He tried suicide several times. But one day his elder sister took Lee-Jaerock to a Korean healing evangelist, and Lee-Jaerock was healed by the prayer of healing evangelist Hyun-Sin-Ae in the church service, and after that Lee-Jaerock came to show healing powers by his own prayer.

Around 1979, Lee-Jaerock heard a voice ( Lee insists that it was voice of God ) from heaven saying that Lee-Jaerock should go the way of Lord
's servant while he was away praying in the mountains. Praying in the mountains, he dedicated himself to praying and studied in seminary to pioneer a church according to the direction of God.

Through the healing talent and church management, the Manmin church started to grow fast. Within 3 months, the church of 6 members was increased to 100 members who heard about the healings by Lee
's prayer. At this time, Lee-Jaerock met a woman who started giving him prophetic messages that were said to have come from God.

The critical heretic cult issues of the Manmin Church started from this practice of prophecy by this woman prophetess minister Han-Jung-Ae. Lee-Jaerock insisted that God talked to him through her prophesies (so-called, direct messages from God). He tried to carry out 100% of all of the prophetic words coming out from her mouth. More than that, Lee-Jaerock had sexual intercourse with her before or after each prophesy. In around 1983, Han-Jung-Ae expressed that she was very lonesome and had a hard time sleeping, because she was not married and her age was 28 when she joined the church. Lee-Jaerock seems to have fulfilled her sexual desire, even though Lee-Jaerock had been married for 10 years and had 3 daughters and his wife attending the Manmin church. This shows that her prophesies had not been from God because the Spirit of God is not with those who commit sexual immoralities. Those who commit adultery are the slaves of sin and fall into the servant of Satan.

Most Christians probably could never comprehend how such sexual intercourse by prophetess and church leader could ever happen. But remember that the Bible shows in revelation 2:20-22, the prophetess Jezebel who taught and seduced Christ
's servants to commit sexual immoralities at the church in Thyatira. Later Han-Jung-Ae was expelled and replaced with younger lady who met the new sexual tastes of Lee-Jaerock and who had psychic talent. And it is believed that Lee-Jaerock has been having intercourse also with her.

When the prophetess speaks personally to Lee-Jaerock and all assistant pastors, ministers, church full-time servers and members, the one who receives prophesy often needs to kneel down as a manner of worship and honor before her - the prophetess, who had been committed adultery with Lee-Jaerock - when she is telling the message from God. It is worshipping a living idol who seduces others by adultery to leave from Jesus Christ and the pure word of God
's Bible. This woman's prophesies have more authority than the written word of Bible. Also Lee-Jaerock is diefied and pastors kneel down and worship him in public church service of the Manmin church. (you can see the video from following link and you will see people bow down and worship him in the video : it is a TV program by MBC which was assaulted by the Manmin church in 1999. It is recorded in Korean, but you can see how members are diefying him, in the middle of the program, Russian analysts testify in English about how Manmin broadcasting team deceived Manmin members by the screen play )

The prophesy proves its source and discloses where it was originated from, God or from Enemy Satan.
Now whenever the prophetess gives her prophesies, Lee-Jaerock does not always have sexual intercourse with her because she does not always allow this. It is fairly likely that she will eventually try to get out of the slavery of the sexual intercourse with Lee-Jaerock. She was captured like a prostitute for prophesy by her whoremaster Lee-Jaerock. But surely the sexual intercourse with the prophetess proves Manmin
's teachings which is generally received by the prophetess directly from God, has high possibility that it is not inspired by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, rather by the spirit of harlotry ( Hosea 4:12, 5:4 ). Certainly the sermons of Lee-Jaerock testifies Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit in the overseas crusades. But in the sermons in the Manmin church, Lee's sermons have given sexual inspiration in seducing members to have intercourse with him and justifying it. Nearly over 300 cases of rape, adultery and swindling case are reported in the Manmin church with Lee-Jaerock or other assistant pastors, ministers and workers. And Lee's sermon concentrates on the deification of Lee-Jaerock to beautify him as a great man of God, who does not commit sin, and his adultery is justified as the gift of God (?), that is, God sent the women to solve Lee-Jaerock's sexual desire and console him. Lee-Jaerock is said to have called women who did not know whether they were being made to have sex with Lee-Jaerock. Lee-Jaerock had them take off clothes and had group sex with 4 women ( 1 team consists of 4 women ) at one time, after he brought four women on his double bed in his apartment, so-called "prayer house". Among those women, more were ministers who were virgins.

One day Lee-Jaerock likened himself as a head of group of dogs, who exclusively has sexual intercourse with its female dogs who follow the head dog. By various examples, he tried to seduce church members, to go back into the nature and world of animals, which practice free sex. Lee-Jaerock insists that people of Eden enjoy free sex and had generated great number of descendants. Even Lee-Jaerock mentioned that in heaven the we will satisfy every kind of sexual desire that we cannot enjoy on this earth. It is very similar with the teaching of Islam that insists muslims will receive virgins that will satisfy sex impulse according to the good work on this earth. Also in group meetings, Lee-Jaerock has intentionally disclosed his sexual desire to the young lady members of the Manmin church to imply he wants sexual intercourse with them. He tries to seduce young ladies to visit him to have sexual intercourse. In 1999, Lee-Jaerock filed a court suit  against MBC which tried to air a TV program which disclosed sex scandals with his church members and ministers because Han-Jung-Ae the former prophetess disclosed her sex scandal involving Lee-Jaerock. A group of woman members said that they were urged to have group sex with Lee-Jaerock in his prayer house in southern Seoul, Gwachun. Nearly 300 members visited and made phone calls to KAACH ( Korea Association Against Christian Heresy ) to certify the facts of Lee-Jaerock's group sex, drug addiction, gambling and swindling, see below for KAACH contact ). And more than 30 combat police officers stayed for 3 months in front of KAACH office, to protected it against any storming attempt by Lee-Jaerock's violent followers, while KAACH had investigated victims by Lee-Jaerock. You can download the court decision which mentioned the sex scandal and group sex written in Korean language from following link. manmin-mbc-sentence.pdf (recently PAC moved the link. If this file is unable to be opened, download zip file).

{left} This picture shows a trickery that Lee-Jaerock insisted a woman prasing missionary Mijung Noh was transformed into so-called "a light of glory". See the crown in the head of her. TV team of Manmin church made an special SF effect to deceive the eyes of its members. This was aired as a TV documentary of PD's note of MBC broadcasting company, located in Seoul, South Korea. After the air of this documentary, this missionary quit Manmin church.
{left below} Lee-Jaerock goes up to the platform after the missionary Mijung Noh is surrounded by light. See the strong ray of light reflected above the head of Lee-Jaerock.
{right below} Then immediately Mijung Noh and Lee-Jaerock are surrounded by the light.
An expert in KIST(Korea Institute of Science Technology) analyzed this scene and proved as a TV screen manapulation using camera filters.

July 28, 2005. Egyptian pentacostal leader published an Arabic book on the cult identity of Manmin 
July 11, 2005. Egyptian churches held a hearing in Cairo to clarify the cultic doctrines of Jaerock Lee 

July 22, 2005. The new Creator arrived [Lee-Jaerock] 
July 4, 2005. Religion researcher, Richard Bartholomew commented on Lee-Jarock's statement

July 2 2005. 1999 Official statement of Christian Council of Korea (CCK)

Mar 18 2005. Lee-Jaerock outreaches with his cult teaching to rich Dubai businessmen and King's family
Mar 17, 2005. Manmin sect prepares a big gathering in Cairo to recruit Egyptian evangelical pastors
Mar 2, 2005. Organization Blacklist of Manmin Sect
Jan 27, 2005. Research report of Christian Council of Korea
Jan 26, 2005. Lee-Jaerock sect prepares large-scale occult healing gathering in Beijing China, May 2005
Jan 24, 2005. The Korean Rael pared out of France - Manmin movement (UFO sect) 
Jan 22, 2005. The paranormal hunter raised a question about the healing happening with Lee-Jaerock
Jan 22, 2005. Korean press reported the raid of TV station by rioters of Manmin church
Jan 8 2005. Theological Cult Disputing Issues of sermons of Lee-Jaerock
Jan 8, 2005. Medicinal poisoning investigationof Lee-Jaerock  
Jan 8, 2005. Touched four persons in bed one by one 
Jan 8, 2005. Testimony of Sexual Harassment
Jan 8, 2005. Summary in Korean version (Korean speakers)
Jan 8, 2005. Research report ( Korean speakers )
Jan 8, 2005. Field Report (Korean speakers)
Nov 30, 2004. Warnings to World Christian Churches against the cooperation with Manmin
Nov 30, 2004. Warnings to World Christian Churches against the cooperation with Manmin (spanish)

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Manmin's assault to MBC broadcsting company was reported in BBC

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Books investigating Manmin sect and Lee-Jaerock                                                                                     
Sect identity of Lee-Jaerock and Manmin Joong-ang Church / Daebok Lee, 1999, Kuensaem Publishing
Cult, Sect General Report 2004: 23. Lee-Jaerock (Manmin Joong-ang Church) / CCK, 2004
Who is Lee-Jaerock? / Jaesung Kim, Right Faith vol 3, RCCC
Research report for Mr. Lee-Jaerock. / Christian Council of Korea, Right Faith vol 3, RCCC
Research on Mr. Lee-Jaerock (Manmin Joong-ang).  / Yongho Lee, Right Faith vol 3, RCCC
What is the sect feature of Mr. Lee-Jaerock? / Samkyung Choi, Right Faith vol 3, RCCC
Who is the cult leader Jaerock Lee? (Arabic) / Samuel MIshiriki, Pentacostal Church of Egypt
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