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Statement of Faith

1. The New Testament and the Old Testament are the word of God, which is the precise principle without error for faith and deed.
2. God is only one, and only him we should worship. God is the One, who exists by Himself, and is omniscient, separated from other god and other materials, and limitless, everlasting and immutable for His existence, wisdom, power, holiness, justice, mercy and love.
3.In the form of God, three heads dwell, and that are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This trinity is one God. The original body is one. The power and the glory are equal.
4.God created all visible thing and invisible things by the word of His power and preserves and administrates, but He is never the One who gave birth to sin.
5.God created the man according to His image and with knowledge, righteousness, and holiness. He made the man to have dominion over creatures. All mankind in the world was born from one source, so all neighbor and brethren.
6. Our ancestors had freedom to choose between good and evil. But he fell into temptation and committed sin to God. From Adam, all people who were born by the normal birth and breeding, took part in his sin and were corrupted. Because there are original sin of man, corrupted temper and sins committed intentionally by the one who has possibility to commit sin, all mankind in this age and the age to come, is right to suffer just wrath and punishment.
7. God sent His eternal only Son, Jesus Christ to the world by His endless love to save mankind from sin, corruption and the punishment of sin and to give the eternal life. Only through Him, God was become flesh, and only through Him man can receive salvation. The eternal Son became true man, and thereafter in one Godhead there were specially two natures, that is, He is eternally the true God and true man. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and was born of the Virgin Mary, but he is the One who does not have sin. Instead of the sinners, he subjected to the law of God completely and offered His body to become true and perfect sacrifice and died on the cross to satisfy the justice of God, and to make man reconcile with God. And He was buried, rose after three days, sat in the right hand of God almighty, prays for His people. And from there, He comes again to revive the dead and to judge the world.
8. The Holy Spirit who came from the Father and the Son makes man to take part in salvation. He makes man to realize about sin and wretchedness, to know Christ revealing his heart, and renews his will, recommends, let him to receive Jesus Christ who promised to give gospel freely by granting His power, and operates in him so that he bears all fruit of righteousness.
9. Before God create the world, He chose and loved His people in Christ. He made them to be holy without blots and made His sons through Jesus Christ, predestining them in advance according to His pleasing will. So it is to praise the glory of grace, which is given bountifully to them in His loving Son. But only to the all mankind in the world, He commanded to give perfect salvation freely to them, "Repent your sin, believe and rely on and imitate Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, walk humbly and in holiness, obeying the will expressed by God." So everyone who believes and obeys Jesus Christ, received salvation. What they received, the special benefit is to be in righteousness and to become God's children as His adopted son, to be sanctified by the edification of the Holy Spirit and the eternal glory. The believer will surely know that they are saved in this world and rejoice. When the Holy Spirit carries out his ministry, the way that the Holy Spirit gives grace is especially bible, communion and prayer.
10. The holy ceremony established by Christ is baptism and Lord's Supper. Baptism is washing with water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and it is the sign and sealing that we are made one with Christ. And it is to promise to be born again in the Holy Spirit and to be renewed and to belong to the Lord. Baptism is given to those who confess his faith in Christ and their children. And the Lord's Supper is to participate in the bread and cup in commemorating the death of Christ. It is the sign that testifies sealing the benefit from the death of Him and his believer. Lord's super will be done by His children until the Lord comes. And it is the sign of relying on his sacrifice of redemption and receiving the benefits that comes from it and making covenants to serve the Lord more, and having fellowship together with the Lord and many members. The benefit of holy ceremony is not from the holy ceremony itself, and not also from the virtue that gives the holy ceremony. It is only in the blessing of the Lord and the operation of the Holy Spirit dwelling among the ones who receives the holy ceremony.
11. The duty of all believers is to enter the church, have fellowship, keep Christ's holy communion, obey the law of the Lord, always pray, keep the Lord's day as holy, gather together to worship the Lord and listen preaching carefully as the word of the Lord, make offerings according to the blessings from God, express the same heart with the heart of Christ, ought to do so to other mankind, make efforts to expand the kingdom of Christ to whole world, look and wait for coming of the Lord in the glory.
12. The dead one will be revived in the last day. In front of the throne of Christ's judgement, he will be repaid according to the good and evil done in this world. Those who believed and obeyed Christ will be forgiven evidently and will be received in the glory.


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