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"You can be cured NOW"
story of 2 doubtful
 evangelization campaigns
 with Korean Lee-Jaerock and Nigerian Charles Ndifon (Idea)
(source:Vox Dei November 7, 2004 by Nicolas) 
Additionally noted by Antimanmin League

Note: Our friends German also denounced the continuous business of the "guru" southern Korean. 

When the doctors reached their limit, the patients often turn to the healers. Some of them operate the cures in the name of Jesus Christ, while mixing with their practice elements anti-biblic. In this October beginning, 2 spectacular cure campaigns took place in Germany - one in Oberhausen with Pastor Lee Jae Rock (Lee-Jaerock or Jaerock Lee) and the other in Hamburg with the preacher Nigerian Charles Ndifon. 

by Karsten Huhn 

Today is Friday evening with "the Arena" of Oberhausen: approximately 2500 people are brought together for a "Korean Cultural Festival". On scene, Korean presents traditional dances and songs of praise. With the end, Lee Jae Rock'n'roll, Pastor of the Manmin church in Seoul, which counts according to him 85,000 members, makes its entry. It is translated into English and German. 

Lee tells the story of deaf persons who could hear after he prayed for them, of blind men which recovered the sight, and of disabled person who start to walk. "I want that you all are cured by the power of God", he says. The features of his face have the strength of those of a military chief. He reads a text written in advance. Photographs are projected on a screen - burned lungs, Lee extended his arms for praying, and lungs came to be healthy. "I cannot count the number of lungs which I cured", Lee declares. He even claims to have cured cancer patients and AIDS patients. "You will have the experiment of greater miracles... whatever your pray: God wants to cure you this evening!" 

What the majority of the audience gathered this evening is unaware of, it is that the Manmin church was excluded from its denomination, the Movement of Holiness, in 1990. 9 years later, Manmin was excluded by the Council from the Churches from Korea. The Manmin church is since then regarded over there as a sect.
The American Institute of Christian Research (CRI) analyzed the sermons of Lee and classified among the ufologists. Pastor, who does not have any more a deal to talk with his pentecostal roots, is convinced that the extraterrestrial ones are celestial beings traveling through the skies. According to his theology, the atmosphere is the first sky. The second sky, it is the garden of Eden where the descendants of Adam and Eve live forever, since their parents were expelled from it. The third sky, it is the place where God resides. 

A pamphlet distributed to Oberhausen, Germany also gave an outline of the doctrines of Lee-Jaerock. One could learn from it that, according to Lee, there are 4 levels of power. With the 4th level, human can have "the control and domination on all Creation" - for example to make rain, move clouds, and cure the patients by satellite broadcasting TV program or Internet broadcasting. Lee-Jaerock himself says he reached the 4th level. 

He finishes its sermon; here come moment of the signs and the wonders. "When I pray, an angel and the hand of the Jesus Lord will touch you. The rays of the Holy Spirit will scanned upon you." The patients are encouraged to put their hand on their sick members. The cameras of Manmin TV, the chain of television of the movement, prepares to take scenes of the people in wheel chair. Lee raises his arms to pray. At the bottom of the place, a man starts to cry. A few minutes later, the guards make him leave. 

Team-members move around between the lines to seek people who would come to testify to a cure. 2 Korean speaks with a person in wheel chair. Claudia Neef, 36 years, is member of the Shalom church, in Nordhorn. he suffers from ataxia of Friedreich, a genetic disease of the brain which causes a muscular disorder. Claudia wants to rise of her armchair but ends up falling down there. She tests again, but still fails. Korean ignores it. During this time, in English Lee and his translator, Jonny Kim continue to pray. They make noise so much that their voices become unintelligible. Suddenly, Claudia rises. Her feet are oddly twisted. Several people around her support and push her on the platform. 

The first cures are reported. Sven 7 years, had a broken toe and could not go without crutches, says us one. A man states to be cured of a problem of sight, the hypermetropia. The Korean translator points his finger in front of his face and asks: How many fingers? The man gives the good answer and throws his glasses on the ground. "Allelluuuia", shouts Korean while raising the arm of the man. Hands rise. 

Lee sits behind his pulpit, listening to the translation. A Korean girl takes photographs of the cured people and carries out them to a table where doctors comment on the events. Claudia, alas, will not sing Alléluia this evening: her legs do not support her any more and Korean brings back it on her wheelchair. 

12 hours later in Hamburg: approximately 400 Protestants (majority of charismatic churches and pentecostists) gathered. After the night, they will be 2000. On the fourth day of a crusade, the preacher native of Niger Charles Ndifon will lead the event. The organizers promise "cure, recreation and power". 

Andreas Zaerger, 47 years, ex-Pastor of the Vineyard Community in Hamburg, invited "the Charles apostle". "We are judicious food in a divine health" says it. "the church should not know the disease". Once again songs of praise burst, followed by a sermon on "6 points for an economic prosperity", pronounced by Pastor Mark Cole, of Vancouver, Canada. His counsel: give to God your priority, are generous and honest, seek knowledge and wisdom and work hard. If you live according to these principles, you will be prosperous. He tells also the history of one of his friends who became one of 100 greater fortunes of the world. Danish 

Pastor Federica Vedelago also preaches in connection with health: "God wants to make you leave a ground of insufficiency to take you to a ground of prosperity". Whoever wishes to be cured, will be cured: "Make it known to your neighbors: I await a miracle ". The audience repeats these words. 

2 hours later, Charles Ndifon enters in scene. He is beautiful and smiling. He points out the various kinds of cure, speaks about the transformation which he began in Denmark and which spreads itself through Scandinavia. He tells the festivals in Mexico City, in India and to the Philippines, and the thousands of cures which took place over there. 

"To cure is so simple", says, "how much among you understand that?" Then, abruptly, his attitude changes to be refrained: he proposes CD, audio and video cassettes, available for sale which post slogans as "You are the Prophet of your Destiny" and "the supernatural Church". He declares, in a smile: "If you want to be normal, then do not buy, but if you want to be extraordinary, then buy them! Welcome in my world!" 

Ndifon is an excellent speaker, he speaks during almost 3 hours, until over 3 a.m. during the evening. He quotes the writings, he is diverting and charged with electricity. Ndifon leaves its desk, gesticulatively and raises the voice: "I came from the Paradise to help you". "We walk on gold". "God wants to cure everyone". "If you believe that there is no limit, You can be cured. NOW!". 

Ndifon explains: if you want to receive a miracle, it is necessary to put to you in the good starting position. Certain people are too negligent. "How much among you understand this?" He raises his hands, and several in the audience follow. Ndifon remembers of a cure in London. He tells: "the first who will touch my jacket will be cured". A woman advances, touches it and is cured. "the first, not the second. Make left to be the first. Take my advice ". 

He changes refrain once again: "How much among you want to be partners of my ministry?" Leaflets of the gifts are circulated, and the addresses are recorded. People will receive his newsletter "Miracles today": the partnership confers privileges. "How much among you want to learn how to live in an unlimited dimension?" Once more, the hands rise. "How much want to hold the key of the miracles?" They love Charles Ndifon, shout and sing Alleluia and Amen. 

Then, the spectators can submit their written questions, and Ndifon answers it instantaneously. Does it cure the depression? Why Job did he suffer as much? Which was the affliction of the apostle Paul? Ndifon, in a surprising way, knows all the answers. His control of the Bible is impressive, the spectators can learn some much from his share... not always of the sober lesson. 

He seems intelligent but irritated and sometimes misleading. He is very difficult to be withdrawn from his attraction. The emotional trap door functions almost without one realizing some. "How much among you understand that?" Ndifon repeats the question, still and still (I counted: 118 times). Hands rise each time. It is almost hypnotic. The rhetoric of Ndifon has something of a sales representative. 

"Can my wife healed from her rheumatisms?" asks somebody. "do you want It?" Ndifon in return answers. "Then, call her with the telephone immediately. She is cured. You have just to accept it." A woman writes concerning to her diabetes. Ndifon exclaims: "You have diabetes? I call that a small demon. Do you want to be cured? Then be released!" Somebody asks: "Do I have to cancel my sickness insurance?" "Yes! Jesus cures for free ". My own question is: "If the Christians are supposed to be in good health all the time, do they have to die?" The response of Ndifon takes a few seconds: "Yes! In good health! And when they reach 120 years!" 

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