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Warning regarding 
the Healing Gathering 
of Manmin Sect in Cairo, Egypt
September 2005

The Manmin sect is spreading its influences in Christianity of Egypt. Egypt is the Big Brother of the Arabic speaking Muslim countries and it is among one of the origins of the ancient civilization of mankind.

Religious Situation in Egypt
Egypt was the early mission base in time of Jesus' apostles. Christianity in Egypt was totally destroyed by the newly arisen Muslim military forces in around late 7th century and the Christians chose to be martyred or hid underground or fled to the mountains, or moved their base into southern Egypt starting Christian Kingdom until 14th century. Muslims make up 85.4% of this country's people. The government estimates the Christian population at 6%, but other sources put it as high as 14.2%. Ninety-two percent of the Christian population are members of the Coptic Church, which existed before the arrival of Islam. Cairo is currently considered to be the hub of Sunni Islamic publications and scholarship. There seems to be peace in the street of Egypt among Islam, Coptic and Protestant, but it is because the Coptic members and the protestant members are reluctant to disclose about their faith in the public place, avoiding provoking the emotions of lunatic Muslim fundamentalists.

Egyptian Government Control on Christianity
Most government cabinet members of Egypt consist of Muslims and the national policies naturally tend to protect the benefit of the absolute majority, that is, Muslims. Government applies various actions to suppress the growth of Coptic Orthodox and protestant churches by following practices.
1) Activity of foreign missionaries is prohibited. If they are found, they are expelled from Egypt immediately and banned to be admitted to come back to Egypt again. 
2) Evangelization activity such as distributing tracts and papers in the public place is prohibited.
3) Construction of a new church building, which shows off the expansion of the Christian influence, is hard to get permission for from local government and requires a lots of lobbying with much political backup.
4) Any Christian gathering which has more than 500 attendees should be reported to police department and receive permission from the authorities. There are many dangers of terror by Muslim fundamentalists in those gathering. The police consider the apects of the meetings and need to be notified about the possibility of confliction between Christian parties and Muslims.
5) Conversion from the Islam to the Christianity is prohibited legally.
6) The constitution provides for the freedom of belief and the practice of religious rites.
7) Islam was declared the state religion in 1980.
8) An official decree of the Ottoman Empire still in force is a 1856 law requiring non-Muslims to obtain a presidential decree to repair, remodel, or build a place of worship. A 1934 Minister of Interior Decree added ten conditions to the issuing of this decree. They include not allowing a church to be built within 100 meters of a mosque, requiring the permission of any utility official when the construction is near that utility, and requiring that none of the Muslim neighbors object to the buildings construction. It is reported that obtaining permission often takes years. During this delay, it is not uncommon for a mosque to be built near the site, causing the requested construction to be in violation of the above listed condition. This law was recently changed so those governors could issue a decree for repairs. Many see this as a further hindrance as lower officials are more easily influenced by extremist elements.
9) All Egyptian citizens are required to have listed on their identity card whether they are Christian or Muslim. This card must be presented whenever a person applies for employment. There are cases of people who are trying to change their listed religion from Muslim to Christian being arrested for falsifying documents. Persons arrested on these charges have been interrogated and physically abused in an attempt to obtain information on other converts and their activities.
10) The government-owned television stations broadcast only 2 hours of Christian programming a year on Easter. Most of the tax-supported programming is pro-Islamic, if not anti-Christian.
11) While proselytizing is not illegal, some Muslim converts to Christianity have been charged with a provision of the Penal code that prohibits the use of religion to "ignite heavenly strife, degrade any of the heavenly religions or harm national unity or social peace."
12) Children with Muslim names are enrolled in Islamic classes regardless of their parent's wishes. This presents a problem because parents are hesitant to give their children traditionally Coptic names as it increases the risk they will be discriminated against. As a result, Coptic parents try to give their children a name that is used by both religious communities.
13) The portion of history when the Coptic Christians were the majority (the first six centuries AD) is not taught in Egyptian public schools. 

Can the Manmin sect belong to Christianity?
There are Korean churches registered in Korea Embassy to serve only Korean Christians. Those churches do not target to get Egyptian Muslims. They are called "Foreigner church". Such church meetings are also allowed in Dubai, UAE, which is one of the most fundamental Muslim countries. 
Now we came to have one question. Is Manmin sect among the category of normal Christianity?
The major Christian committee of Korea, called CCK (Christian Council of Korea, over 90% of sound Christian churches have joined) classified Lee-Jaerock and Manmin as the dangerous extremist sect of mysticism, practicing soothsaying, trickery, terror, gambling and deification (please refer this report). Many overseas pastors are deceived after watching the sermons and events in the well-decorated overseas gatherings in Russia, India, Peru and Honduras of Manmin sect through satellite, internet video or CDROMs. 
But they do not know that these gatherings are the first step to seduce the good Christians to become victims and followers of an adulterous sect leader. Sexual intercource with Lee-Jaerock is the expression of loyalty and affection to him. Another clear evidence that Lee-Jaerock follows the teachings of demons is that he justifies his adultery in doctrines put forth in his sermons. Those sermons are hard to be acquired as the evidence for foreigners, because most of them are preached in Korean language. Lee-Jaerock knows well that preaching of his sex doctrine in any overseas gathering (a so-called "healing festival" or "healing crusade") would disclose this heretic identity to the public, giving great failure in his deceptive overseas strategy. Many domestic sermons give implied hints about his sex doctrine which justify his sex with his followers and they exists in audio and video files. Please contact KAACH.
Lee-Jaerock is praised together with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in public services. Singers have the internal rule to praise Lee-Jaerock in their songs. Lee-Jaerock once mentioned himself as the reincarnated Holy Spirit while he was with his girl friends who have sex with him. In his sermon, he justifies his adultery, mentioning second, third and fourth wifes of Jacob. In other words, he says he can have more than one wife like Abraham, Jacob and King Solomon, including even married women.

The teaching of the Manmin sect is against the faith of both the Christianity and the Islam, arising great ethical disorder and social crimes.

What is the meaning of Manmin's Cairo Healing Gathering in September 2005 ?
Lee-Jaerock was excommunicated from Korean Christianity because of soothesaying, which Manmin calls "prophesy". Lee-Jaerock had a first prophetess, which actually was second wife of Lee-Jaerock and had sex with her from the foundation of the church in 1982 until 1992 when Lee-Jaerock was at the risk of death because of bleeding of his nose. Han Jung-Ae, the prophetess quit Manmin in 1999, after she disclosed crimes of Lee-Jaerock, including sex scandals, Las Vegas gambling, swindling and drug addiction to MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Company). And MBC broadcasted a documentary program about the crimes of Lee-Jaerock. While doing this, Manmin protesters stormed MBC headquarters and 6 persons were arrested and put into the jail. After Han left Manmin, the second prophetess LHJ was elected instead of her and recently she spoke about Lee-Jaerock's spiritual training, which is told to be allowed by God. 
The brief summary of the prophesy about Lee-Jaerock's spiritual training related to Cairo gathering is as follows.

Training step 1. Adaptation of Lee-Jaerock's spirit
Shortly later, Lee-Jaerock should travel around as the state of a separated spirit. He should need to receive training to be adapted to the spirit separation. Lee-Jaerock says he would have adapted to 1st dimension (the first heaven), but he could have not adapted to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimension, so he brags that he had received 7 weeks of adaptation training.
[Critic review] yet till now - May 2005, there seems to be no effect, no changes or no comments about the result of his bragged so-called "training" at the pulpit. It shows "Adaptation of Lee-Jaerock's spirit" is just faked story to deceive plain members with high language.

Training step 2. Separation of Lee-Jaerock's spirit
This stage is explained that Lee-Jaerock comes to be trained to perform the separation of his spirit (OBE, Out of Body Experience) and he would go and come into 2nd, 3rd and 4th dimension freely at his own will. This training is told to be completed before May 2005. Under the 2nd step of spiritual training, there is China gathering in early May 2005, Beijing. In the early stage of 2nd stage of so-called "spiritual training", Peru gathering was told to be held.
[Critic review] The separation of the spirit and OBE (Out of Body Experience) is the occult act like divination, sorcery, mediumism, and witchcraft, which God prohibited. Also this act is a type of the Antichrist act.

Training step 3. Lee-Jaerock enters into the space of the spiritual realm with his body
This is the step, the things immediately submit under the commanding word.
In this stage, Lee-Jaerock is said to be walking on the surface of water and making the wind and waves calm. This stage is told to started from June, which is late 2005. In the middle of 3rd step of spiritual training, Lee-Jaerock is told to enter into Egypt. (Egypt Allied Gathering, Cairo - the capital). Lee-Jaerock brags that if he enters into this stage, the unbelievers would also fear him. After 3rd step pf spiritual training, it is said that an USA (New York) gathering is to be held. 
[Critic review] Lee-Jaerock's assertion imitated Einstein's theory of the relativity, such as the speed of light, the meaning of dimensions and the relation between time and space. He had continuously insisted that he would walk on the surface of water very soon from 1998, but he has not shown any progress. 

Training step 4. Lee-Jaerock performs what Jesus performed after Jesus had revived
After 4th step of spiritual training, Lee-Jaerock is told to have a healing gathering in Israel. According to the prophesies from Lee-Jaerock's prophetess, any laws of the country (Israel) cannot stop Lee-Jaerock at that time. Lee-Jaerock once implied that his body changes into the body of resurrection like that of ressurected Jesus. (John 20:19)  
[Critic review] According to the Bible, our body changes when the Lord Jesus comes again to this earth. Bibically, it is impossible thing before Lord Jesus come on this earth.

Lee-Jaerock's false teachings in the sermon about Egyptian civilization and Adam.
1. Pyramid
The 3 pyramids in Giza in Cairo were built by Adam to celebrate God the Trinity. Originally on the surface of the Pyramids, shining stone plates were placed, so that the pyramids were seen even outside of the earth. Before the Dinosaur betrayed God, Adam built Pyramids for the purpose of showing off his own power and authority. But after the rebellion of Dinosaur against God by entering into forbidden area in Eden, where the tree of life was placed, Adam started to build pyramid to commemorate the glory of God the Trinity.
2. Sphinx
According to Lee-Jaerock's sermon, Sphinx was Adam's head cherubim, which supervised the construction of Giza Pyramids. This cherub had command over many other mighty worker cherubs. Lee-Jaerock says Adam made this image of Sphinx to commemorate the contribution of this cherum to Adam's Pyramid construction. Lee-Jaerock insists that the evidence that Great Pyramid of Giza is not the tomb of Egyptian King is the fact that the tomb is empty. He also mentioned that inside of the Pyramid, spiritual power can be felt and many spiritual things happen. 

Muslims, Jews and sound Christians reject the idea that Sphinx is a spiritual thing which was accepted by God. Rather in the Bible, we see that God punished the gods of Egypt. which controlled Pharaoh to resist against the order of God. 
3. UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)
Before Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam traveled to the Planet Earth, which was Adam's vacation spot through the transportation in UFO. When the Dinosaurs, the pet of Adam, which rebelled against God, was expelled to the earth. they were jailed in UFO, moved and scattered at the various spots on the earth. Lee-Jaerock insists that UFOs which are witnessed in the sky in these days, are the flying vehicles of Edenians, who are the sinless descendants of Adam. Lee-Jaerock insists shortly he will be able to bring down UFOs from heaven. See the photo which shows the relativity among Lee-Jaerock, pyramid and UFO. The girl at the right side of Lee-Jaerock is supposed to be one of Lee-Jaerock's girl friends. This picture was taken during a Manmin pilgrimage in March 2004.

Please visit dedicated review about Lee-Jaerock's Genesis Analysis.

What is the purpose of Manmin's overseas missioning activity
1. Like other Christian sects, Manmin targets to make the world know about its sect leader Lee-Jaerock, his power (so-called, the power of the shepherd) and his gospel of holiness (what sort of holiness? The hidden doctrine of free sex?)
2. Manmin is searching for men of wealth, who will fund its overseas activity and the construction of the Great Sanctuary in South Korea. Lee-Jaerock expects the construction fund of the great sanctuary will be prepared through so-called "his power". The prophetess is said to had given prophesies that people around the world and Arab countries will visit Lee-Jaeorck to offer money to Lee-Jaerock to be healed and to receive Lee-Jaerock's blessing prayer.
Lee-Jaerock had visited Dubai, UAE several times since 2004 to pray on the sick muslims and king's relatives who want to be healed and who want to be blessed in their business.
3. It is to solve the financial crisis of the church. Manmin sect is known to have $30 millions of debts which was utilized to buy new land for new building. And the salaries for pastors and workers of Manmin are known to be delayed for a long time. Many pastors and workers also have many debts because their salary payment was almost stopped or irregular. For the opening of GCN TV company (Global Christian Network), $6 millions is said to be needed by June 2005.

History of the sect propagation in Egypt
May 26 2003 Start of sect outreach
The missionary center of this sect dugged out a contact point to investigate the status of the Christianity of Cairo. The manager of this center, Jeremi cooperated with an Egyptian evangelist, Walid Salah.
They are said to visit several churches in Cairo.  This center organized a field training team and made "a trip of missionary vision" with a purpose to open multiple contact points in Cairo's protestant and pentacostal churches. This group is said to had held pastor's seminar on the ship restaurant on the River Nile. About 100 pastors attended and the introduced overseas gatherings and Lee-Jaerock.

In every overseas gathering of Manmin, they put the photo of Lee-Jaerock, believing Lee-Jaerock's photo emits spiritual rays to heal the people making evil forces flee. Many Lee-Jaerock's evangelists who are called as a persons with opened-spiritual eyes, testifies without hesitation that strong rays are coming out from Lee-Jaerock's picture. And the ray is called the light of power.
In this assertion, we can feel strong smell of a spirit of Antichrist or even shamanism. They do not have Jesus Christ any more as the condition of the performance of healing. Lee-Jaerock is another spiritual force to replace the position of Jesus who is the Lord of  power in heaven and on the earth.
Dec 2004. Hankerchief prayer gathering in Alexandria Conference House. 
The director of Manmin's Overseas mission team, an assistant pastor and praise team - "Crystal Singers" held a gathering in Alexandria. (crystal singers is a praise team, composed of 7 sisters, usually Manmin praise teams have a certain level of sexual relationship with Lee-Jaerock, they offer their virginity to their idol Lee-Jaerock as a proof of their loyalty to him) About 800 pastors attended to watch the performance of Crystal Singers and the sermon of Lee-Joongwon, who is one of the senior assistant pastor to Lee-Jaerock. The sermon and performance looks very biblical because normally Manmin sect hides real identity of thier cult features to avoid any contentions in Overseas countries. Pastor Aziz Morgan played a great role to gather Egyptian pastors to this seminar from all around in Egypt and neighboring countries.

You can find an interesting thing in this sect's picture. In the picture of upper left, the Korean pastor held a so-called hankerchief of Lee-Jaerock's power (the hankerchief of the Shepherd's power) while he was praying for the sick people. And in the hankerchief, you can see a photo of Lee-Jaerock. It is because the mystic members of Manmin sect believe that healing light is coming out from Lee-Jaerock's photo like any amulet. This teaching is against the teaching of God, written in 10 commandments (Do not make any image of idols). Usually the Manmin sect explains about the reason why they put Lee-Jaerock's photo in the hankerchief and in the back screen of the stage, in this way. "If you see the book of Acts, people took away apron or hankerchief from Paul, and it exercised healing power when it is layed on the sick people." 
If you attend Manmin service, Lee-Jaerock is even elated up to a level of owner of the healing power. Lee-Jaerock is mentioned as someone came from heaven to complete the providence of God in the latter day. Lee-Jaerock referred himself as the incarnated God the Holy Spirit in a private meeting with his members.

n_01 Jan 16 ~ Feb 8 2005. 
Manmin sect published Arabic version of Lee-Jaerock's biography "Tasting Eternal Life Before Death". The chief local agent Walid Salah of Egyptian Freedom Publishing, joined 37th Cairo International Book Fair on behalf of Manmin's Urim book company from Jan 16 to Feb 8 2005. One of Walid's workers poses at the booth.


Mar 2004. 3 Manmin staffs - Johnny Kim (the director of the overseas mission team), Jeremi Jung, Young Sun Kim visited Cairo to prepare a healing gathering which will be held in September 2005. They investigated legal steps and lobby measures to enable the gathering this year to "guarantee" the word of the prophesy given by Lee-Jaerock's senior prophetess LHJ. They are very careful not to provoke the attention of Egyptian authorities and muslim organizations.

Jeremi Jung, who is the senior manager of Egypt gathering preparation, is said to be residing in Cairo to search for contact point to the government and to advertize the gathering which will be held in September 2005. 

Manmin sect's cooperators in Egypt
Special caution is required to contact the agents of the Manmin sect. Until its agent convert a sound Christian pastor into the followers of an adulterous heretic sect, the agents fully utilize the local Christianity's ignorance about the knowledge of newly-emerged Korean sect movement. Information about the Korean sect is hard to find on internet search in English version. But once its sect feature is disclosed to the local Christianity, the activity gets shrinked and outreached to the similar mystic groups to held a gathering.
Firstly, Manmin opens a start point by the introduction of its cooperating pastors, who have variety of acquaintances in targeting countries.
Secondly, Manmin agent held a pastors seminar to introduce their overseas activity and so-called Lee-Jaerock's power (so-called Power of God Video)
Thirdly, Manmin's overseas action team invites key pastors to Manmin's domestic and overseas event.
Fourth, Manmin dispatches residing agents to targeting country and expands its influences to the ignorant segments of Christianity and the business and political VIPs to enable local gathering and to get permission for a gathering.
In the Peru gathering (Dec 2004) and the Germany gathering (Oct 2004), Korean missionaries noticed Manmin's activity and came to get inquiries about Manmin's cult teachings from local pastors. And every Manmin's hidden heretic teaching, which are normally not disclosed to the public, were disclosed through the efforts of Korean missionaries. Eventually local Christians rejected Manmin's activities in their country.

Pastor Aziz Morgan

Aziz Morgan is the influencial pentacostal denomination leader, who was formerly cooperated with AOG (Assembly Of God, USA) denomination which actively evangelizes Arab and middle east countries. Through this pastor seminar Mr Aziz Morgan disconnected the relation with AOG churches of USA. Instead of that, he subjected all his subsidiary churches into the Manmin's control as Manmin's branch church in Egypt.

Mr. Aziz Morgan visited Manmin's place in early 2004 to attend Manmin's gathering and to discuss the translation of Lee-Jaerock's biography into Arabic language. He was also invited to Manmin's gathering in Peru, Dec 2004.
Pastor Walid Salah

He is the president of Egypt Freedom Publishing, which is the agent of Lee-Jaerock's book, "Tasting Eternal Life Before Death". He travels with pastor Aziz Morgan. And he coordinated the pastor's seminar in Alexandria. Also he was formerly well-known as pentacostal evangelist for praise and healing. He was previously a member of Coptic Orthodox Church. 

Could Manmin succeed in the Dubai Healing Festival in UAE?
April 23, 2003 Manmin planned to hold a local healing gathering in Hayatt Regency Dubai. Manmin cooperated with a pastor of the Episcopal church in Dubai. He connected Manmin agents to the persons who can control the permission of the Christian gatherings. As a result, the day before the first day of the Dubai conference on 22 Apr 2003, Dubai police department dispatched several police trucks with tens of police officers armed with machine guns, and occupied the conference hall in Hayatt Regency Dubai. The police commanded the uninstallation of audio equipments and chairs with the reason of security problems. Several police officers resided in the hotel until the end of the conference schedule days. Lee-Jaerock returned to Korea after a small prayer meeting in the Dubai Handicapped Club.

How to cope with Manmin's diffusion in Egypt
The same principles can be applied just like the Christianity's choice in Dubai. The Christians in Dubai succeed in stopping the healing conference, by requesting the banning of this gathering to the Islamic government authority. Dubai's Christians knew that Lee-Jaerock had given heretical teachings in the sermon and came to Dubai to make money from rich Dubai muslims to prepare the construction fund of Manmin's Great Sanctuary. Those information about Manmin's heretical teachings are referred from an US site and written research reports from Korean cult research centers were helpful to make people understand about this cult. 


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