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1999 Official statement of CCK regarding Manmin and Lee-Jaerock


CCK chairman, Sunggyu Choi
The Christian Council of Korea specified Lee-Jaerock of Manmin Joong-ang Holiness Church as sect on April 16 1999. The Christian Council of Korea accepted in one accord the report of 5 researchers in cult and sect research committee, that concluded that Lee-Jaerock as a terrible sect leader of an extremely mystic nature. According to his research report, Lee-Jaerock has taught definite cultic doctrine in the view of revelation, eschatology, the view of the hereafter, the theology of human sin, and theology of salvation. ( cf. 11th annual assembly report of Christian Council of Korea, 2000, page250~251)  CCK (Christian Council of Korea) is the representitive protestant Christian association of Korea with which 51 Korean protestant denominations joined.


The damages which were caused by christian heresies become a serious social problem in Korea. Many churches at home and abroad have been harmed by them, especially in the mission. Recently, Jae-Rock Lee, the pastor of the Manmin Church which is located at 851, Guro-Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, is controversial for his heretical behaviors. We (The Christian Council of Korea) have studied his insistences and tenets, and came to the conclusion that Lee is heretical. 

1. Lee's view on revelation is heretical. 
Although Lee says that "I believe the Bible as the word of God.", this is a way to hide his aspects of heresy. He belongs to the so-called direct-revelation group. He insists that he delivers the message of God which is not written in the Bible. This bears the heretical tenets that the biblical revelation is still continuing by Lee. 

2. Lee's eschatology and the believing in the future existence is heretical. 
Lee's believing in the future existence consists of 5-stage heaven and 5-stage faith. This is non-biblical argument, and can not be supported by Korean churches. The purpose of this tenets is to specialize Lee and the Manmin Church. The insistences that God unusually appears at the Manmin Church, God comes down at the Manmin Church at particular times, and the shape of God is that of the human being, are fraud and lie. Moreover his insistences such that "God informed me[Lee] of the Second coming" and that "Because of my demand and prayer, God came down" are the one of the time-limit eschatology. 

3. Lee's doctrine of sin is heretical. 
Lee insists that as the blood of Jesus who was crucified 2000 years ago did not contain original sin and willful sin, so is his(Lee) blood, because he poured out all of his blood in 1992 and was filled with innocent blood that does not contain original sin and willful sin which inherited from his parents. This insistence makes many theological problems meaning that the sin of human being is inside the blood. Especially it denies the meaning of the Virgin Birth of Jesus. 

4. Lee's doctrine of church is heretical. 
Lee said that : "The throne came down at the Manmin Church.", "Those who was written in the Scriptures will reappear at the Manmin Church.", "When we worship at the Manmin Church, the angels worship like us in the Heaven", "God put the key of the New-Jerusalem at the Manmin Church", "Because the people of the Manmin Church are tied with Lee, they will enter the fifth heaven (New-Jerusalem) directly". These insistences mean that only the Manmin Church has the salvation. In conclusion, Lee's doctrine of church has the heretical natures, neglecting the properties of the church ; the uniqueness, the universality and the property of the apostle. 

5. The heretical properties of Lee's doctrine of salvation and the deification for Lee. 
It reached at its height that Lee has been deified by his followers and that he deified himself. For example, he said that : "If Lee calls the disciples of Jesus or all the prophets like Abraham, they should come down as an employee called by his boss does", "Lee has no willful sin and original sin because he poured out his blood that inherited from his parents", "The death flees from Lee", "Lee's spirit is sitting at the left side of the Throne of God", "Lee has the power of the determination for life and death.", "Lee is one with the Lord because he has no sin." "Lee has completed all the words in the 66 scriptures excepting the walking on the water", "Lee will advocate the saints in the final Day of Judge", "God gave Lee the key of the New-Jerusalem", "The shape of God resembles Lee", "While Jesus had completed the Law, Lee has completed the words in the Scriptures." These statements clearly show the deification for Lee. Furthermore the statement that whenever he calls, all of the prophets and the disciples of Jesus should appear is similar to the action of spirits-calling. It is the pagan idea which was forbidden by God.(Dt., 18:11) A similar case can not be found in the Scriptures. 

In May, 1990, Lee was already decided as heresy by the Jesus Korea Sungkyul Church to which Lee belonged. It is to be regretted that we can't deny that some of christian broadcastings, presses, and reverends rendered assistance before, so that Lee's heretical insistences spreaded. 

All the churches in Korea must know the heretical tenets of J. R. Lee, and must unite thoroughly to cope with Lee. 

April, 1999 

The Christian Council of Korea 
Representative Chirman     Rev. Mahn-Shin Lee 
Executve Secretary            Rev. Young-Ryul Park 

This article was translated from "Official statement regarding Manmin and Lee-Jaerock 1999" of CCK. (Tel +82-2-741-2782 Advertizement section, Mr. Chung Kim)


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