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Dear sir

Hi, I send this message to give you a news tips.
If you are interested in Miracle healing crusade ( in Spanish, 2004 Cruzada de Salvacion y Sanidades de PERU, website ) is held in Campo de Marte, Lima, Peru from 2 Dec 2004 to 4 Dec. It is presided by Manmin Joong-ang Church ( website ) and MWM ( Manmin World Mission ) and the chairman and leader of this organization is Pastor Lee-Jaerock. ( widely known as Rev. Dr. Lee-Jaerock ).

I heard Pastor Lee-Jaerock is scheduled to visit presidential palace to meet President of Peru Alejandro Toledo maybe on 30 Nov or 1 Dec and after that I heard he is schedule to have press conference for this healing crusade, which is held in Campo de Marte.

I think you may be interested in background information of this organizations and Rev.Dr. Lee-Jaerock because pastor Lee-Jaerock and his ministry is defined as out of the range of normal Christianity teaching and practices in bible, that is cult or cultlike group by major Christian Associations of Korea, for crimes, charges and strange teachings. Pastor Lee-Jaerock's
ministry and overseas crusade is well-known for healings for patients. He had healing crusade in India(2002), Philippines, Pakistan, Germany(2004), Russia (2003), Argentina, Honduras(2003), Japan.

I will try to explain about the some hidden secrets and disputing issues for pastor Lee-Jaerock
's ministry and crusade.

1. MBC ( Munhwa Broadcasting Company, ) assault and stopped the broadcasting of TV program which discloses crimes and gambling habit of pastor Lee and pastor Lee
's sex scandal. 6 of pastor Lee's church members were arrested by police.
Related articles are found in BBC. Please refer following links.

Because of this assault, about US$ 600,000 was paid to MBC for equipment damage and business hindrance of TV program.

2. PD note - TV program of MBC discloses issues for absurdities of pastor Lee
's ministry and his church for
1) deification of pastor Lee-Jaerock
2) screen manipulation to deceive the church members to show pastor Lee radiates lights from his body, and golden particles are coming down from heaven.
3) sex scandal with a woman minister from 1982 to 1992 and group sex request by pastor Lee, including various sexual conduct to woman members ( broadcasting of this TV article was stopped by the sentence of Korean court ). Check out the copy of court sentence that is mentioning the sex scandal of pastor Lee-Jaerock from following links. ( this is written in Korean, you may need translation or if you want, I can do it for import part )
4) joint and several liability on guarantee for church members
5) violence assault of MBC headquarters
You can watch this TV program as video clip that discloses the hidden crimes and problems of pastor Lee from following link. This program was broadcasted by MBC just after MBC headquarters assault. It is widely know as
D's note? that is famous file TV documentary. If you need translated script of this TV program or translated program as DVD title, please contact me. <>

3. About the healings happening in overseas countries.
Actually many people seems to be healing in healing crusade. pastor Lee mentions some times it is by his power, and other times he says it is by power of the Holy Spirit. In German crusade he guaranteed that almost patients are healed because in Manmin church Korea, there are no sick people since they receive healing by his prayer. But it was a lie. There are more than 3000~5000 people who could not get healing and stopped attending church.
But in my investigation, healings seems to happen by driving out the evil forces ( spirits ) from patients' body. In the parapsychological study, the spirits of the dead gives same disease and symptom when it clings to the live human body. So if this evil influences are removed, the patient body is recovered into normal status easily. Major diseases that are normally healed in the crusade are related to neural disease and disease focused to sense organs like paralysis, blindness, deafness, dumbness and cripples . Other healings are related to hindrances in immune system that comes from the problem in signal transfer of leukocyte like cancels, AIDS, fevers.

Most of diseases that are healed in the healing crusade of pastor Lee, is concentrated to diseases by pseudoscientific and parapsychological phenomena. By removing the spiritual influences happening in patient
's body, the disease can be healed. And the spiritual and pathological power affect to signal transfer of patients body and it generates various problems in body organs ( sense system - eye, ear, nose, interior organs – liver, heart, intestines, blood vessel ) by hindering its normal operations. In this case, by removing the spirit clung to human body, healing seems to be happened. For detailed report for overseas crusades observed in other skeptic view are found in following links.

Field report 1. [Analysis of healing power of Lee Jae Rock (Chennai crusade)]
Field report 2. [Can Lee Jae-Rock stop the rain?]
For full reference for Manmin and Pastor Lee-Jaerock please refer following link.

Not 100% of patients are healed in the crusade. Limited categories of people who has spiritual oppression and related neural disease are healed. Actually pastor Lee-Jaerock does not know why such people are not healed, cannot give them clear answer to receive healing.
In Manmin church there are lot of people who are waiting for healing for several years. Even the church has mission group organization which has 100s of people who did not get healing. Every church service you can see 20-30 of wheelchairs, that had not been healed for a long time.

4. Other news articles disclose the social issues against Manmin and Lee-Jaerock.

[2 Nov 2000] MBC, wins the part of court suit against Manmin Joong-ang Church.
Korean high court ordered Manmin Joong-ang Church and its 61 members to pay KRW650,000,000 (US$600,000) for the damage of broadcasting equipment.

[3 May 2000] MBC, appeals to the Korean constitution law against high court order banning TV program, that violate the freedom of speech.
MBC produced TV article related to the sex scandal of pastor Lee-Jaerock, but the airing of this program was forced to interrupted by assault of MBC headquarters.

[22 Apr 2000] Court order banning TV program is not press censorship.
MBC appeal to court for violation of constitution against court order banning air of sex scandal of pastor Lee-Jaerock

[22 Jun 1999] Woman organization
's public hearing to stop sexual violence in church.
One woman, who suffered sexual violence by pastor Lee-Jaerock testified in the public
hearing and drew interests.

[20 May 1999] Disputes for connection between Manmin church and administration party.
There is suspicion that 15,000 members of Manmin church had influence for election of
administration party member Mr. Gwangok Han of Gwangmyung City. And public prosecutor general Taejung Kim is blamed for delaying the investigation of MBC assault because of friendly relationship with pastor Lee-Jaerock.

[17 May 1999] 6 members of Manmin church were arrested, 12 members were booked
without arrest.
Prosecutory authority applied arrest warrant for 6 members of Manmin church against
intrusion into main control center of MBC and damaged broadcasting equipment. And 12 member were booked for violating broadcast law.

[12 May 1999] Manmin church, what is the problem ?
CCK ( Christian Council of Korea, ) that is representative association of Korean Ecumenical Churches which is largest association in Korea, and has 62 denominations and 18 organizations, defined Manmin Joong-ang Church and pastor Lee-Jaerock as Extreme Mystic Cult, insisting that pastor Lee-Jaerock removed all his original sins and he practices familiar spirits and divination that summons dead spirits and prophets – Abraham, and Jesus' disciples.

If you need further information for Manmin and Pastor Lee-Jaerock ( Rev.Dr. Lee-Jaerock, website ) please contact me by email or messenger. I am almost always on yahoo messenger. ( 13:00 – 19:00 pm your Peru time ).

Following is some suggested questions, which would be valuable in press conference.
1. What is the reason of surprise intrusion into MBC broadcasting company ?
Why such kind of church violence happens in Manmin church not like in Peru ?
2. I got report that Pastor Lee had sexual intercourse with prophetess and church members from the start of church foundation 1982. The prophetess' name is Han-Jung-Ae. I heard she testified in the court for her sex intercourse for 10 years. Why such kind of sexual violence happens easily in Manmin Church Korea ?
I heard one of your pastor Namyeon Oh was accused for rape in 2003. And he is reported to leave your church is that true and what is the reason that so many sex related crimes are reported from your church ?
3. In your church, I heard your members kneel down and worship in front of you. And it is also shown in PD
's note of MBC's TV program. Then are you worshipped instead of God and Jesus Christ ? Are you another Messiah or another Jesus ? What is the reason of such diefication ?

To certify this content you can contact Korean missionary who is ministering in Lima, peru. His contact is as follows.

Lima Korean Allied Church
Telephone 51-1-447-8999 (church), 51-1-447-9144 (Korean pastor residence)

Peru Korean Catholic Church
Telephone 51-1-460-0172

AOG, Korea denomination, Chief in Overseas Mission
Pastor Sunbae, Park +82(korea)-2-782-1546

Please let me know your email, office phone and mobile for my direct support.
Have a nice day. And good luck at the press conference of Manmin.
I will look forward your early reply and feedback. May blessings of God with you.

Ezekiel. 29 Nov 2004

Reporter : Ezekiel MSN Messenger ID : countersect
( available 13:00-19:00 Peru local time )
PS. Please keep this message for private and confidential. And if you send me your email I will send this message via email as MS-Word format. Do not send back fax, I cannot receive fax.


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