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Against medicinal poisoning investigation of Lee-Jaerock of Manmin Joong-ang Church, pastor Hongdo Kim ( lobbied to related authorities.

Reported by Korea Association Against Church Heresy (

Part 1. Drug addiction of Lee-Jaerock ( )
The Christian Council against heresy-cult research and countermeasures is a representative Christian research organization against cult-heresy, that was founded and operating to protect Christian truth and to stop the advent and abuse of cult-heresy and to recover and preserve human rights and benefits of the victims.

Lee-Jearock and the Manmin church were judged as cult in 1998 by the assembly of Korean Holiness Church of Jesus ( ) and Christian Council against cult-heresy research and countermeasures ( ) and Christian Council of Korea ( ) and he is seceded from normal Christianity. Countless scandals and absurdities had been reported in "Church and Heresy" magazine, "PD's note" of MBC, monthly magazine "Mal", weekly magazine "Sunday news" and various press media. And after that, as a result of putting together endlessly reported scandals, the situation is beyond the limit that an individual or a private organization can investigate, and if it is laid aside, there is enough possibility that it appears as tremendous social problem. So this council hopes eagerly to have thorough investigation and inquiry about the case, and the isolation from the society to prevent further victims and secure public order.

First, concerning symptom by taking drugs
The symptoms followed by taking drugs are as follows.

(1) He has frequent convulsions states in whole body severely.
( Lee-Jaerock, himself stated admitting his convulsions in the pulpit, deacon L in security team, who escorts Lee-Jaerock, many resigned ministers of Manmin church, believers testified about this )

(2) On his hands and legs, Lee-Jaerock has been seen to have swellings, boils and spots. (To hide these facts, he explained them away as scratches by nails, that were made while shaking hands with others. But according to the testimony of ministers who were able to observe him more closely, he condition was more serious than can be explained by mere scratches and he had swellings. And for a time, he had walked with a limp. )

(3) He frequently did not sleep for several days, 15 days or 29 days as longest case. (Lee-Jaerock actually said this by himself in the workers meeting and in the church sermon )

(4) Lee-Jaerock has seduced many women to have sex in group and he calls on them one by one to have sex. ( It is reported in "Church and Heresy" magazine , "Mal" magazine, and "Sunday News" )

(5) The focus of his eyes is unclear and he easily gets vexed. Sometimes he feels melancholy, giggles without reason, swallows spit because his mouth is dry. He weeps in the appearance of being droopy without strength. He leaves the pulpit empty for several weeks and shows no responsibility. And he often asks to allow him at least several weeks, several months, or one year.

(6) In early 2001 church service, Lee-Jaerock himself admitted "I took dopes but I did it before." About that, medical doctor Yeu-Sanghoon in secretarial section admitted that the medicine is a dope. Medical doctor deacon Yeu-Sanghoon admitted that Lee-Jaerock took dopes.

(7) Lee-Jaerock says, in the air there is spiritual world that is invisible to our eyes and it is the Garden of Eden. And he insists that if Lee-Jaerock commands the aliens who are always available to him, the aliens come down by UFOs, which are the airplanes of their world, and they gather around Lee-Jaerock to have symposiums. Oneday he plans that this scene will be broadcasted live to all around the world. And at that time, his identity shall be proved. So many kings of the nations and many people will bring money bags so that greatest and magnificent temple (diameter is 800 m) come to be built. And Lee-Jaerock talks so big that he claims that he will walk on the surface of water and like shrinking the space by magic he will move without a sound. Then taking a whirl wind and he will be able to disappear suddenly like wind as Philip did in Bible.

(8) Lee-Jaerock says that whatever he drink, eat and do, it does not become sin, because he has completed the whole spirit by removing all of his sinful nature, evil nature and poisonous nature.

(9) Lee-Jearock says even if all world oneday hates and tries to kill him, God will be on his side so he does not worry. In this way, he shows reckless valor, exaggerates greatly, and is consistent in excuses, pleas and lies.
(For example, Lee-Jaerock was involved in the gambling in Las Vegas, USA, and excused that it is not sin according to the country's culture. Lee-Jaerock insists that the sex scandals with woman members are not sin but because he loved them, he showed the expression of love. The whole world was surprised by the storming MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Company, by violence. But Lee-Jaerock has spoken in favor of his members who did this and has stated that it was righteous behavior for the church. And after he drank alcohol, he explained to people around him that he drinks just so may sleep.)

(10) According to the testimony of the church member named "D", who recently met "B" who works in security team (escort team) in Manmin Joong-ang Church, the health of Lee-Jaerock is getting worse. And the symptoms like convulsions that had been happened from long time ago, are getting worse and severe. And the cause is diagnosed that it is the sequela by taking drugs, so the people around Lee-Jaerock are in extremely nervous state. (Yeou , and Hwang who were former medical doctors, are in secretarial section of Manmin church)

How shameless deceptive conduct in the name of "religion" it is? Lee-Jaerock preaches that he himself do not have sin, received the power of God most, and he has the greatest power to heal disease so there is no need to go to hospital or pharmacy and members should be healed by faith. But he himself goes astray falling in drug addiction. It is inexcusable and scandalous conduct. So we cannot help saying that this in itself shows that Lee-Jaerock is a perfect religious swindler.

Considering the testimonies of witnesses and situations that are mentioned above, the symptoms that are happening to him are the ones followed by the drug addiction or withdrawal symptoms. If it is laid aside, and considering his influence and the attitude of the followers, the possibility cannot be denied that it can be magnified like the great accident like Odayang accident - group suicide, murder and rapes. The damage and sensation will surpass our imagination. So we should be warned in the efforts to prevent in advance the case of victims in 1000s of souls belonging to the church and in their family, relatives, neighbors, company, school and organization for the stability of nation and mutual benefits.

Part 2. Sex scandal of Lee-Jaerock with many women
(1) Lee-Jaerock enjoys sex in group with many women. And he says this hallucinogenic sex party is the feast that God granted specially to console him. (This testimony is from one of witnesses).

(2) The victims testify that these sex affairs of Lee-Jaerock is performed in many sites of prayer places (Condominium, Apartment). And when Lee-Jaerock has provincial tours, sex affairs are mainly performed in motels or hotels.

(3) Representitive victims and testifiers are Kim, Park, Noh, Kim and others. Tens of women victims visited and made phone calls to the monthly magazine press company "Church and Heresy" ( in 1997 before TV program named "PD's note - Cult sensation, pastor Lee-Jaerock, Shepherd, our Shepherd" was aired on May 15 1999. If this is true, now the number of victims is expected to increase even more and it is expected to number in the hundreds victims. (In the public hearing of Woman organization ( Korean Association of Woman Theologian, Korea Church Woman's Union ) there were testimonies of victims).

(4) How are these kinds of things possible? It is because of the atmosphere of Manmin church. Both men or women in Manmin church think it is great honor to take Lee-Jaerock's hand (broadcasted in TV program "PD's note" of MBC). If a female member receives telephone call from Lee-Jaerock, she regards it really a great blessing in her whole life. So if a woman receives telephone call from Lee-Jaerock and he asks a woman to come to a certain site like a prayer place that Lee-Jaerock's wife does not know, what woman in Manmin church does not willingly go to the place? (The women were moved by Lee-Jaerock's automobile driven by his private driver, Choi-Jungsu). Most of all, the fact that there are many people in the church, who will die if Lee-Jaerock dies, shows the possibility that even more weird and scandalous things can happen.
And also from time to time Lee-Jaerock has said in the sermon or in the Lord's servant training, "Dear members, did Adam and Eve wear clothes in the beginning? If we do not have sins at all, even if we take off all our clothes and are naked, does it become shame to us?" It is said that whenever Lee-Jaerock seduced women, he told the story of the Garden of Eden.

(5) It is said that Lee-Jaerock gave around KRW300,000 (US$250), KRW500,000 (US$416), KRW1,000,000 (US$830), KRW3,000,000 (US$2,500) of pocket money to the women who became his sex partners.

(6) Lee-Jaerock had insisted
"I do not have sin and I am at the same position with God. Whatever I do, it does not become sin."
And this word proves the meaning that whatever Lee-Jaerock does with women members, it does not become sin.

(7) In Oct 2001, the third daughter of Lee-Jaerock (Soojin Lee) ran away from home, and because of this incident, church members came to whisper about the situation. So Lee-Jaerock explained away that his daughter went out arbitrarily leaving a letter saying she went out to learn English and other things. Actually she was shocked by Lee-Jaerock's sex scandals, her mother (Lee-Jaerock's wife) who knew about this fact, lost her strength and wept many days, and persuaded her daughter to forgive her father and come back several times. So her daughter went back after 60 days but members testified that her body seemed to become severely thin.

Part 3. Swindle under the mask of religion
(1) In Dec 2001, Lee-Jaerock said in a public church meeting that his monthly tithe was over KRW100,000,000s (US$100,000s) and his monthly income was over KRW1,000,000,000s (US$ 1,000,000s) continuously for last 10 years.

(2) How can any pastor in a Korean church can file up so much money from his normal salary? This level of money-grubbing is beyond imagination. There should be accountability and clarification of finances.

(3) Lee-Jaerock has promised that he himself will pray personally for any member who gives more than KRW5,000,000 (USD5000).
For example, there was a brother named Chun, his parents were struck by traffic accident and his mother died at the site and his father became disabled in whole body and was moved to Seoul and took rest in hospital. His father was led to Manmin Joong-ang Church by his son. And he was living in wheelchair paralyzed in the lower half of body. He offered KRW30,000,000 (US$30,000) personally to Lee-Jaerock to be healed through Lee-Jaerock. (Minister Park, witnessed personally in the room of Lee-Jaerock)

(4) Lee-Jaerock is spreading ridiculous notion that on July 3 1998 and July 17 1998, 2 times, the throne of God descended to Manmin Joong-ang Church and came down personally, and this time God left the key of New Jerusalem, so if anyone would prepare a present and receive prayer from Lee-Jaerock, all his sins are forgiven.

(5) Now the financial structure of Manmin Joong-ang Church is under severely fragile status, the debt that was disclosed by Lee-Jaerock himself at extraordinary session of a worker's meeting, is over KRW40,000,000,000 (US$40,000,000), loaned from 1st, and 2nd banking agency.

(6) There are countless cases that church received loan by the bank guarantee of church members without any notice to them, the damage is reported to be very great.

(7) From the middle of 2001, under the goal to build a new Manmin church temple (Canaan temple), Lee-Jaerock is continuously forcing offerings of the whole church members until now. The location of new temple is the area of 3.8 acres (15,868 square meters) located in Guro Industrial Complex 3 of Gurogu. Lee-Jaerock declared the total fund-raising amount is KRW100 billion (USD 100 millions). Currently the fund-raising progress is kept secret. Lee-Jaerock has said that his members needed not to know about details but just try to pray. According to the word of church workers, if contract deposit KRW3 billions (USD3 millions) and middle-contract deposit KRW3 billion (USD3 million) are paid, by mortgage loan for 3.8 acres of land, new temple construction can begin. But if we see that Factory Complex Building - Technotown is under construction now in the reserved construction land, then Lee-Jaerock is continuously deceiving his members. And the fact that he had deceived the members were proven. According to the word of land owner, he returned the contract deposit because Lee-Jaerock's group continuously had broken payment promise.

Part 4. Casino gambling scandal
(1) Lee-Jaerock himself confessed that he did some "overseas gambling" in Las Vegas, USA. He went to Las Vegas, USA for family vacation intentionally and his reason was to make money by gambling to make offering.

(2) Nevertheless, he urged that it is just entertainment in any point, not gambling. Really is it so ? One of his secretary Johnny Kim, who is now the director of overseas mission team of Manmin Joong-ang Church, MWM, Korean name is Jinhong Kim. Kim's file was copied by Mr. N, one of the worker who worked together with Johnny Kim in Overseas team of Secretarial section of Manmin Joong-ang Church. And it discloses that at single time, he lost KRW30,000,000 (US$30,000), KRW40,000,000(US$40,000) and KRW50,000,000 (US$50,000). And according to the testimony of Han-Jung-Ae, former minister of the church, proved above facts.

Part 5. Lee-Jaerock insists time-limited eschatology, and pays much attention to his deification
(1) Lee-Jaerock insists time-limited eschatology, makes believers to set all focuses on only church and himself. So he leads believers to live pessimistic, bless-centered and mystic lives. He had ringed a bell in every new year ceremony service.
(2) He lies countlessly that all prayers are answered by God if members believe Lee-Jaerock's word. And He has given delusive talks in which he claims that he will one day be able to walk on the surface of water. But as of up to this date, no such signs are found in anywhere.

Part 6. Detailed deification of Lee-Jaerock
(1) Lee-Jaerock is the one in the left side of God, and God teaches him without withholding any secrets because he was sealed as son.
(2) Even evil spirit have cried out that Lee-Jaerock is God the Holy Spirit.
(3) My origin is not man. Your origin is man, but I am God the Holy Spirit who took the body of man and came into this world and finish the end of this earth. Lee-Jaerock gave this kind of secret training internally. (the original body of the Holy Spirit is Lee-Jaerock)
(4) Lee-Jaerock testified that he himself is God the Holy Spirit by letting his aides or those whose spiritual eyes were opened say in public. He spread this fact implicitly through small group meetings. And it is known that if this becomes an issue and members quit the Manmin church, he shirks his responsibility meanly, saying "When did I say such thing directly in the pulpit?".
(5) Lee-Jaerock insists that his own face is the most similar face on the earth to the face of God. The teaching that the eyes, face, and the body shape of God are similar to Lee-Jaerock, is repeated continuously.
(6) Lee-Jaerock told church members to believe whatever he says totally, and then he says they will live in the huge house of Lee-Jaerock in New Jerusalem of the heaven forever happily.

Our association eagerly hopes that clarification and investigation of these facts may make progress quickly by systematic analysis and judgement. The collected details shown in this report by our association will hopefully improve human rights, public order, peace of our nation, faith in the belief in Jesus Christ, and conscience of Christians, so that innocent people may not be deceived and damaged by hallucinogenic sex party, money gambling, lie and swindling under the mask of religion.

Part 7. Pastor Hongdo Kim of Chumran church lobbied to related authorities for drug addict Lee-Jaerock.
Until Lee-Jaerock came to be issue in broadcasting press and his viciousness is disclosed and in Korean denominations judged him as cult, many pastors were attracted by his money and sided with Lee-Jaerock and exchange pulpits with him. But further damages came to be stopped because of the effort of monthly magazine "Church and Heresy" to disclose that there are great ethic and moral problems with Lee-Jaerock and his heretic doctrines, which he hold on to, thus risking his own neck.

But he is still alive. But it is definite real fact that he does not have proper body health from several years ago. It is the fact that he is a drug addict. It is out of the common knowledge that there is one who sides Lee-Jaerock, stirring related authorities. Furthermore, pastor Hongdo Kim, well-known in the Christian community sides with Lee-Jaerock. This is impossible thing, if pastor Hongdo Kim is a Lord's servant. Considering above facts, it is impossible thing if it is not the case of medicinal addiction. Lee-Jaerock's use of medicine is not the thing of today or yesterday. But from long time ago because of it, deifications by medicinal addition such as producing mystic effect "Glory of Light" with slide projectors, swindle of member's money by deceiving them, were carried out without any hesitation so such kind of sex scandals can be happened. This committee also submitted a petition to the president of Korea to investigate this case quickly directing related authority and to deliver judicial punishment to Lee-Jaerock.


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