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Touched 4 persons in bed one by one
July 4, 1999, Issue 141

On August 7 1988 when I was in 3rd grade of high school, I heard through my friend that my friend's disease was able to be healed, started to attend Manmin church for the first time for my friend. In the beginning, I came to believe the senior pastor is a great man and I became to have a eagerness to talk with him, thinking he is the one who loved all members with tear and prayed for members always with tears. 

In last 1997 fall, A praise missionary of Manmin church asked to go to the senior pastor, saying he asked her to bring us. I remember the location was the apartment 502-1408 in Gwachun city. The senior pastor greeted us gladly and took into inner room and told about Adam and Eve.
And he said, "If you really do not have sin of heart and without flesh, you don't need to wear clothes."  Missionary Noh showed an demonstration in advance, and we should have took off clothes as a meaning of obedience. As soon as four persons took off clothes, he told us to come to bed and said, "If you love God, you should be able to offer most dear thing." And he started to touch one by one. If I were there by myself, I would have resisted. But because all persons kept silent, it was the atmosphere that we should obey it as it was. The sexual intercourse was the first time for me, and I told him carefully, so he brought tower.
One person was married woman, other ministers were all virgins. After we had such things, we went two or three times more. I came to know later the fact that partners changes frequently (according to the rumor, but it is not accurate, they were 40~50 persons ), and he did not called the same team more than 3 times.
Sometimes, the senior pastor gave phone call. The senior pastor had frequent convulsion while he lay and slept. We as selected ones, gave massages to him and consoled him for his suffering. And we made meals for him. And later I heard directly from others and came to know that the praise missionary and many people were called to him like us.
I disclosed things about sexual violence to people around me, but they did not believed but told me to show them evidences. Some of them believed after I told them that I am a victim. But yet there are many people who think that I tell a lie.

* This is one of victim's testimonies, who suffered from a sexual offense of the senior pastor of Manmin church, disclosed the truth in the public hearing held by woman theologian's association, concerning "sexual violence inside of churches".

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