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The Korean Rael
pared out of France
- Manmin movement

(source:Vox Dei October 1, 2004 by Nicolas) 
Put on line on October 1, 2004
Additionally noted by Antimanmin League

*Note: Warning! Carefully be away from of this man! Jonny Kim, the director of overseas mission, who is the right arm of Lee-Jaerock, poses in front of the EU Headquaters in Brussel, Belgium. August 2004. He has special talent to turn the Christ's ministers into the followers of the dangerous cult leader by his smooth words about the healing power. Where does the power come from? He prefers to take picture with idolized Lee-Jaerock's picture. (see left one)
Lee Jae Rock'n'roll (Lee-Jaerock), Korean RaŽl, had succeeded in mystifying French evangelic pastors!

The Manmin movement made evangelic church to be much attentive to pentecostalism. However, behind appearances, a true sect with the strange doctrines is hiding place, making resemble its founder a kind of Messiah or Korean RaŽl. Seeking to be established in Europe and France, the sect multiplied the contacts at the beginning of the year 2004. Here the account of a business which agitated persons in charge for evangelic works this weekend, and which was completed by the cancellation of a briefing in Belgium, and of another meeting with the guru and a delegation of French pastors. A large campaign remains envisaged in Germany at the beginning of October, hope that the diffusion of this article to the German persons in charge will be enable this large gathering to be held. But let us examine a little the lower parts of this strange business...

Origins of the movement and its deviations
Contrary to the movement of Yonggi Cho (David Cho, Chairman of Assembly of God, Korea), which had caused mistrust, before gaining years after the confidence of the Korean evangelic community, the ministry of Lee-Jaerock knew a fulgurating rise. Cures, miracles, immediately were worth to him a statute of authentic Minister for the Gospel and the one among the servants of God. However, since 1990, it was excluded from the movement to which it belonged (Movement of Holiness). In 1999, the Council of the Churches of Korea (, Han Ki Chong) excommunicated it. Since, as well as the site of precise reference of the Korean Christians, the movement of Manmin is regarded as a sect. 

Assist News Service builds a legend
A good share of the international credit, will have the preacher to the crowd. The evangelist Lee-Jaerock's pride itself started with an eulogistic articles gifted by Dan Wooding, writing on behalf of the Christian body of press Assist News Service, following a campaign in Russia. With little effort on the internet search, you can get the surface glance to note that the "ministry" of this evangelist is approved by Christianity Today, Charisma News, Latin-American radio HCJB, Challenge Weekly, CMDNet, FaithNews Network, etc. In 2002, 75,000 (25,000 x 3 days) people had been assembled in St. Petersbourg, Russia to listen to the one who is believed (and still being believed, please refer here) to be an authentic evangelist, producing attested miracles of cure. However, in September 2001 already, in the Philippines, Alliance Evangelical Philippines had disunited by large campaign carried out by this evangelist, the churches having taken part in a nonofficial way. In another article published on a site (*note savagely opposed to Lee Jae Rock'n'roll, a servant of God analyzes the mechanism of what it regards as the capture as an hostage of all the pastoral ones of the town of Madras, in India, where the "leader" of Manmin had held a series of meetings in 2002. Let us note that these meetings had joined together all the same nearly a million any day. How the honorable pastors of a large city could have been thus handled? The causes are varied, and they failed very recently to produce the same effects in France, and more largely in Francophonie...

* Note Jonny Kim, the Korean sect ambassador is spreading cult teachings to French and German church pastors to enable allied gathering, which had held in Obershausen, German by Manmin sect.
Same causes, same effects in France?
Thus, contacted at the beginning of Mars 2004, several pastors of France went to Korea by the invitation of the "leader". One of them, Pastor of the Assemblies of God of France and person in charge for a work dedicated to the young people, even actively advertized by a film distributed on the official site of this sect (, to make known "the church" of Manmin Joong-ang to the French-speaking people. Promise of financial support? Unrestrained race with the miraculous one? Desire to be the first on the spot of a scoop, or quite simply need to change "spiritual air", 10 other pastors, including one certain number resulting also from the ADD, were on the point of leaving for Germany 1st at October 3 to attend the "Festival of Cure" organized by Lee-Jaerock. For another meeting with member of the teams, a Korean was also sent to Belgium to dig the business a little in case that suddenly several taken people fell into doubt ...

The video which made debate: An UFO on the pyramids...
It  was not surprise to find these cult teachings, on the site even of this sect, well in the "VOD (Video On Demand)" and among most recent, a "Pilgrim voyage into Holy Land" [see video, they recently deleted the UFO and mysticism related screens! ] expecting under this title to find an inoffensive account of voyage in Israel. But several Net surfers noted with fright that the "Holy Land" in question was in fact Egypt, country in which Lee-Jaerock carried out a pilgrimage regularly (each year, the most active members of the church in the evangelization also see themselves offering the voyage). In this video, we learn that the pyramids are spiritual buildings, that Adam would have gone several times to Egypt to teach building arts for worship buildings, which is the science technologies which would have been lost since the Garden of Eden. The pyramids would actually not have created to be useful of tombs, but like large catalysts of the energy and "capacity of Creation" (see below). Like Napoleon, these high spiritual places seem to fascinate Lee-Jaerock. But it is not all. Towards the 25th minute appears, on a photograph where Mr. and Mrs. Jae Rock pose in front of the pyramid of Gizah, an UFO, an oblong and metal form (see screen printing below). According to the "leader" of the sect, these UFOs are spiritual objects, and it is necessary to have spiritual knowledge (the 4th level thus, to see below) to include/understand their divine origin.

The appeared flying object during the pilgrimage of Lee-Jaerock 
at the pyramid of Gizah (picture taken from, sermon of 04/04/2004)

4 levels of power and supreme power
For Lee Jae Rock'n'roll, there are 4 levels of power, and an ultimate level, which is the power which took part in creation. One arrives very quickly there in the thought typically New Age of the guru. But let us look at the first 4 levels of power. The first would works by the power of the Holy Spirit, to burn germs, diseases, microbes and cancers. The second, would drive out the demons or would point out the heavenly residence of the people died for the resurrection. The third level would make it possible to achieve works of restoration of broken members, and cure on patients of born-blind men, etc. And the fourth would thus operate in works of pure creation: not only regenerate cut-down members of body. but also miracles like physical signs in nature, supernatural control of the elements, etc. The man who arrives to this degree of power has the capacity on creation and on the creatures, it arrived at the ultimate stage of power which a man can receive, and according to Lee-Jaerock, well few men arrived there. He possessed this power.

a sign in the sky on the top of the chapel room 
of this sect. This phenomenon is told to be frequent.

Intelligent design or the intelligent intention, source of the power of Lee Jae Rock'n'roll
The intelligent design, preached by the scientists combined to this sect, resembles a modernized and extremely tempting form of the creationism. With a little imagination about Christian Science, another sect well-known, the "expert" (or the follower arrived at the ultimate stage) can release energies. The cure in the name of Jesus becomes completely additional here, since once again it is the sanctification of the subject which releases energy, and not the sovereign will of God. Actually, the prayer of authority is made not in the name of Jesus Christ but "by the fire of the Holy Spirit and the power of Creation".. Besides these New Age doctrines of "the power of creation", there was the subject of a thesis very recently in the USA, which caused an impassioned controversy again, as an article from Press Reunion testifies to it. In addition to the completely New-Age doctrines of the "leader" of Manmin, it consequently appears abusive of saying, as certain French pastors still do it, that they are divine miracles. "For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."(Romans 11:29). It seems obvious that there must be another power (not of Jesus), that Lee-Jaerock visited to collect in Egypt near the pyramids. 

A spirit undoubtedly 'antichrist'
In the Manmin movement, the Rev. Lee-Jaerock (Jaerock Lee) is omnipresent and the Korean culture does not explain all. It is a true worship which is returned to him. In vain, in its campaigns, its program of church, its web site and even its bookshop you will find another speaker that is not himself. (He is usually well-decorated as authentic servant of God.) He seems to be the single shepherd of a gigantic herd of 75.000 souls. (*Note: Jesus is mere a Shepherd mentioned only in a song just for form's sake. Ministers and members of Manmin are afraid of confessing Jesus as Shepherd. Terrible! They fear to skip mentioning Lee-Jaerock as shepherd. For it means a kind of betrayal to Lee-Jaerock and members worry that they will not blessed with this betrayal !) A revealing feature of the turning point which took in the end of the 1990's in Manmin was its theology on "the power", about which we regard as higher. He would be the ultimate servant, and its megalomania is seen with the naked eye. It started in 1992 to claim that its blood would have been made pure by a complete transfusion. Ambiguity is arosed if one reads again attentively, taking into consideration what has just been known as higher, the following declaration, which one can find on his Internet site: "Rev.Dr. Jaerock Lee (Lee-Jaerock) managed to include/understand the highest level of the power and God is leading it to operate the power at 100%. God is acting so that many people believe in God the creator and reach the salvation because the second arrival of Jesus Christ is close. Thus God allows Rev.Lee-Jaerock to operate powerful works of the perfection of the highest power of creation so that it can extend his hand of the hello towards all the people. "`This message could seem pain-killer if one did not give interest to his strange doctrines, in particular this worship of the spiritual power which it dedicates to the pyramids. Moreover, at the end of the explanation already quoted of its Holy Land adventures, it tells how, on the Mount of Transfiguration, his members would have seen him himself transfigured, as the figure of a crowned giant. Thus, by keeping in mind his aspiration world missionary, and while thinking of his passion for the power and his occults, how we can not see the assertion about the mark of an Antichrist spirit? In another message on January 4, 2004, the "leader" of Manmin tells that thanks to the current telecommunications network, his sermons could be diffused simultaneously on whole planet. We cannot say without pointing out certain warnings of the Bible concerning the appearance of the Antichrist. We will not make the honor to Lee-Jaerock by saying that it is the works of him, but will let however the Word of God to us speak to us about it: "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect." (Matt. 24:24 - version NKJV)

The "Great Sanctuary"
The members of the Manmin sect have sought for more than 20 years for the construction of what they call the "Great Sanctuary (*note: or Grand Sanctuary, Great Temple)" (see below). In the theology of Lee Jae Rock'n'roll, the Great Sanctuary occupies place in the capital, Seoul: it is the equivalent to the Temple where Solomon and his people were to adore according to the old will of God. This gigantic building, which can accomodate 200,000 people, would be in the plan of God since very the creation of the man, as one can read it in the writings translated into bad French on the website of the sect. It is said to be constructed which all the members must work, by a sacrifice and an offering of "faith and love". According to Lee Jae Rock'n'roll, the situation in the Middle East will let him find its money source politically and financially when the leaders of the world come to back up the construction of "Large Sanctuary" (source - 59th minute). This kind of assertion is also very clearly discerned when one examines it in the light of biblical prophecy, but also completely frightening when one intends the Manmin "leader" to tell that his missions in the world have another goal that was just made converted, which will come in their turn to finance the construction of the Sanctuary.

  The great sanctuary of Manmin in the future

Other strange doctrines

Before briefly enumerating other doctrines, as brought back on the anonymous website of warning ( against the sect of Manmin, let us say simply that the man appears completely mythomania: all things turns around him and any event is interpreted for his favour, like a sign or a divine intervention, even in the most debatable cases (the examples is abundant, let us mention simply those quoted on the video about which we already spoke: its "miraculous" entry in Israel, whereas he was only one simple tourist; video says winds were retained by angels in Egypt; "miraculous" time at the time of his voyage on the sea of Gallilee, etc). Here is thus hereafter some of its most outstanding assertions: 1) The prophets, the disciples of Jesus, the apostles, God and Jesus himself would have appeared on a photograph on which it would have imposed his hands (declaration of the 17/07/1998). 2) Whatever the place of planet where they are, people can see the portrait of Lee-Jaerock because it appears in the sun and the moon. It can even appear on the envelopes of offering (declaration of the 26/06/1998). 3) 4 archangels would have come in his church on July 3, 1998, then God would have come there in person and then 20 additional archangels. 4) He said the sin would be contained in the blood of the men, and he himself is told to have been entirely transfused in 1992, with the blood without the nature of sin. 5) When Lee-Jaerock calls one of the prophets, of disciples etc they appear immediately in front of him. 6) The spirit of Jae-Rock'n'roll is with the left of God. 7) He also has the power on the life and death. 8) It became one with God, this is why it can appear in the moon or the sun.

To learn the lessons from this error?
It is the race with the miracles, run by sensationally-led minority who do not consider the signals that God had laid out in this business. At present, besides, no distinct standpoint was settled about this sect in the evangelic world, in particular in the principal bodies of Christian press of the Anglo-Saxon world. Did nobody thus note anything? The trap is however so enormous that the faithful Christian can only question himself. There would be men with the "prophetic" ministry, known as do not have anything considering, and even be slow to accept what was however shown to them clearly. Others, attracted by one enticing presentation of the potential of work by the persons in charge for media evangelic, in the USA initially then in Korea, have seems it have evil to accept the extent of the swindle, for which they believed opportunity to profit. All that give us the danger to give credit to "any spirit" a little too quickly, with the contempt of the most elementary prudence, in the name of the experimentation and of the search of new "anointings" and new ministries. That teaches us all of lessons and each one remembers that, when the Satanist or the carnal Christian seeks the power and the glorification of their "ministry", the servant of God seeks holiness and the secret place. Perhaps he was not the wrong evangelist, before David Wilkerson said that "the Antichrist would be an evangelist of Prosperity"...

To the wise, Best wishes


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