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Theological Cult Disputing Issues of sermons of Lee-Jaerock / Manmin church

[1] Theological and mystic faults of Lee-Jaerock

1. Principles and teachings found in new age movement are taught and declared in the church service.
1) UFO ( Unidentified Flying Object ) : Lee-Jaerock says he keeps praying to contact aliens and UFOs, that are estimated as people of Eden. This critically shows that Manmin belongs the category of UFO cult.
2) OBE (Out of the Body Experience)
Lee-Jaerocksaid in a Friday overnight sermon that he has trained himself to practice out of body experience. But he has not succeeded yet.
3) teleportation : Lee-Jaerock is told to be training (?) for teleportation. He insists nobody will stop his gathering in Israel or any Arab countries, because he will have a mysterious body, that can perform teleportation (to move one place to other place of the earth in a second)
4) telepathy : prophesy, a woman evangelist receives message from God every Tuesday
5) eyes of spiritual vision : certain members insists that they have seen angels in church services
6) remote view : there are members insists that they have paranormal ability to see thing and person in the
remote area
7) energy ( Lee-Jaerock insists that a ray of light is emitted from his hand )
8) channeling ( medium, spiritist ) : In 2004, Lee-Jaerock said God allowed him to contact the recently diseased members of his church, who was not sent to their resting residence yet, and came to know their heavenly dwelling place (so-called, paradise, 1st heaven, 2nd heaven, 3rd heaven). This is the idea of invoking the diseased souls, that was prohibited in the Old Testament by God. In church there are many members who insist that they have supernatural power. 

2. Phenomena of Deification for Lee-Jaerock
1) Lee-Jaerock insists that he received power from God, and the healing happens by Lee-Jaerock's
own power. Lee-Jaerock becomes the condition of the healings that happens. And it is against the warning given in Act 3:12. Usually it is mentioned as the power of shepherd (the power of Lee-Jaerock). And Manmin people refrain from mentioning it as the power of God, God's power, the power of Christ. They are always being fervent to deify Lee-Jaerock. This type of deification is performed by Lee-Jaerock's family (his wife, his daughters, the woman evangelist who receives so-called prophesy). The purpose of this deification seems to raise total amount of money of the offering to Lee-Jaerock as price for Lee-Jaerock's blessing prayer.

2) Manmin church almost exclusively uses the word of "s
hepherd" which is the official
title for Jesus Christ ( in New Testament ) and Jehovah ( in old Testament ), to indicate Lee-Jaerock. And the problem is that it arises the confusion in the praising session, because in the official hymnal book written by Korean Himnal Society, s
hepherd is mentioned as Jesus Christ or Jehovah God ( the Lord ), Lee-Jaerock's title of "shepherd" brings about confusion. Lee-Jaerock is believed that he deserves to receive praises which should be given to Lord Jesus or God. Manmin church also has its own published hymnal book and this book has more than 20 songs which praise Lee-Jaerock for his sacrifice, virtue and righteousness just like the customs that Roman Catholic has songs to praise its deceased saints.Lee-Jaerock is publicly praised by his church members, elders, assistant pastors in the worship service ( Friday overnight service ) especially for his so-called healing gift, sacrifice, goodness, righteousness just as if Lee-Jaerock is in position to replace God or Lord Jesus. (Refer this link to see some of praising songs devoted to Lee-Jaerock)

3) In the representative prayer session in various church services, Lee-Jaerock is mentioned as he was sent to the earth from the heaven to complete God
's plan in the end of days. An assistant pastor explains a certain spirit in heaven came down to the body of Lee-Jaerock when he was born. Even Lee-Jaerock's spirit is mentioned to have been in the right hand of God's throne in the beginning.
Some assistant pastors and members make comments in this way,
"Let the spirit of shepherd ( Lee-Jaerock ) be with us." This is evident feature of cult that betrays the presence of the Spirit of Lord Jesus. They are inviting the spirit (or a demon) of man. It is new religion other than the Christianity, which invites other spirit from man. But Lee-Jaerock was the man who had tried suicide 3 times, being frustrated by more than 10 incurable diseases before he believed the gospel and was healed.

4) The result of Lee-Jaerock's healing festival is exaggerated in the number of attendees and healed patients. Because of several success in overseas healing crusade, he is mentioned as a servant who concludes whole human cultivation history, that is, the last runner, an evangelist with No 1. power in the world. Lee-Jaerock even insists that when he finishes to build his huge grand sanctuary (diameter 800m), the Lord will come to this earth. And raptures will happen.

5) Usually among ignorant and insane saints, there are many who think that Lee-Jaerock is the One who came from heaven to earth or t
he messiah who will come, Melchizedek who Paul mentioned in the book of Hebrews, and God the Holy Spirit. In this way Lee-Jaerock is deified, admired and worshipped by his saints. Because several people think that they were healed just after they shook hands with Lee-Jaerock or after they touched the garment of Lee-Jaerock, many assistant pastors of Manmin Joong-ang Church, think in the same way. Besides certain church members who have spiritual talents – they are psychics - operates spiritual influences to the church members so that they make others believe Lee-Jaerock is the One. And Lee-Jaerock clarified that he is not messiah, the Creator, Melchizedek, the Holy Spirit, and someone directly under God the Trinity. This kind of misunderstanding is even severer in the branch church which is far away from main church.

6) In the overseas crusade, Lee-Jaerock magnifies the numbers of the healings that happened in the previous crusade in this way. He has made the following false claims.
* Our family never have been sick ; but his wife and his 3 daughters have medical history for skin disease, briquet gas poisoning, and backbone disc pain.
* In our church, all patients are healed, so there are no sick persons ; but there are lots of miserable patients so even there is special organization only for disabled members, that consist of the deaf, mute, blind and crippled members. Many of them have been disabled without healing for a long time.

7) There is a woman evangelist who receives prophesies from God and reads the people's
minds. And she insists that Lee-Jaerock is so-called "whole spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23)", that means "perfect spiritual being" whose whole behavior belongs to the Spirit. (note: I think Lee-Jaerock interpreted this Bible verse in the wrong meaning). In this way, the woman minister beautified Lee-Jaerock that he never seems to commit sin. But Lee-Jaerock committed various sins including gambling in a Las Vegas Casino, sex scandals with more than 300 woman members, sexual attack, drug addiction and various lies.

8) Lee-Jaerock said that God will give him the glory through the gathering in Peru December 2004. This is so-called "the g
lory of shepherd".

9) The target of Lee-Jaerock
's ministry is usually summarized in church services as his private goal to receive and exercise greater power. His goal is not Christ-centered. Lee-Jaerock and his staff intentionally mention that Lee-Jaerock's goal is to build great temple and greater power of healing. Lee-Jaerock has a plan to advertize so-called "his power" in news paper articles concerning his activity so that he may be seen a certain special man who shows supernatural signs and wonders and he may prepare fund to build his "Grand sanctuary of diameter 800m".

10) Lee-Jaerock weakens the meaning of "c
hurch", replacing the word "church" with "altar", that is quite different meaning in the New Testament.

11) In prayer meetings and church services, church members pray to summon "t
he spirit of shepherd", that is, "the spirit of Lee-Jaerock".

12) Lee-Jaerock teaches that a healing ray comes out from his photo, and the ray protects the saints from disasters and disease. And it is just like the Catholic worship the pictures of Catholic saints and pray for it. It
's a type of idolatry.

13) Actually Lee-Jaerock delivers suggestion in the sermon that the One who brings about the signs and wonders of God (Lee-Jaerock), looks like a god and so it is so natural that he looks like a god.

14) It is forbidden thing to magnify and explain to people about the Lord Jesus Christ rather than to magnify and talk about Lee-Jaerock for assistant pastors. The assistant pastors should plant the things about Lee-Jaerock into the heart of members, not about Jesus Christ. In this point, the faith of Manmin Church is quite estranged from the
original faith of Christianity. Like Islam, Jesus Christ is just an important man who achieved human salvation but this fact became only the matter of dead theology.

15) Similarly with the founders of Jehovah
's witness, Unification Church and Latter Day Saints, Lee-Jaerock had sexual intercourses with woman members and woman evangelists. And this has caused various law suits. Especially, Lee-Jaerock nearly went to death in the year of 1992, by bleeding in his nose, so after that he was greatly warned and stopped intercourse with "Han-Jung-Ae", who was his major prophetess and second wife. Now she quit the Manmin.

3. The Grand Sanctuary
The members of the Manmin sect have sought for more than 20 years for the construction of what they call the "Great Sanctuary (*note: or Grand Sanctuary, Great Temple)" (see below). In the theology of Lee-Jaerock, the Great Sanctuary occupies place in the capital, Seoul: it is the equivalent to the Temple where Solomon and his people were to adore according to the old will of God. This gigantic building, which can accomodate 200,000 people, would be in the plan of God since very the creation of the man, as one can read it in the writings translated into bad French on the website of the sect. It is said to be constructed which all the members must work, by a sacrifice and an offering of "faith and love". According to Lee- Jaerock, the situation in the Middle East will let him find its money source politically and financially when the leaders of the world come to back up the construction of "Large Sanctuary" (source - 59th minute). This kind of assertion is also very clearly discerned when one examines it in the light of biblical prophecy, but also completely frightening when one intends the Manmin "leader" to tell that his missions in the world have another goal that was just made converted, which will come in their turn to finance the construction of the Sanctuary.

  The great sanctuary of Manmin in the future

1) For the construction work of the Grand Sanctuary, Lee-Jaerock is preparing a construction fund of Great Temple through business contract commission and healing fees in UAE (United Arab Emerites). The major purpose of his activity in Dubai is not to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ but to search for the connection to break through the financial difficulties of Manmin Joongang Church in endlessly delayed salary payment for Manmin's full time workers, "Grand Sanctuary" construction and broadcasting company setup in Atlanta, USA (GCN - Global Chritian Network,

2) Lee-Jaerock expects the repayment for bank loans (40 million dollars) and delayed salary of church employees by the success of contract for rail road construction, oil field development in Africa, Middle East and Southern America.

3) The reason that Lee-Jaerock selected UAE which stopped their church activity is to target the commission for healing and blessing prayer to the people in Arab, who are in Islam, a kind of cult, to avoid heresy dispute from the Christianity.

4. Church programs that are provoking in sexual meaning and comment
1) To uplift the atmosphere of a typical church service, church praise leaders attract the sexual attention of church members by alluring motion, dance and song of worship dancers (that is, "cheer leaders").
2) Praise worship services are focused to amuse the eyes of audience, performed by limited number of sing leaders.
3) Together with the strange supernatural spiritual influence, they let the church member be stimulated by sexual desire.
4) During the sermon, Lee-Jaerock uses vulgar language like sperm, ovum, to love (means sexual intercourse) to lower the awareness against the severe sins related to adultery and sexual immorality.
5) Actually because of psychological injuries from many episodes of Lee-Jaerock's sexual scandals, many members left church.

[2] Evaluation for the ministry of Lee-Jaerock from the overseas

1) USA / Canada
Because of the gambling in Las Vegas, MBC (Munwha Broadcasting Company, South Korea) storm assault, UFO cult and deification, Manmin is generally rejected by US conservative Chrsitian denominations. Several US pastors - Billy Graham, Rick Warren, who did not receive updated news and real information about Manmin and see only the biased PR reports from Dan Wooding and ASSIST ministries, seem to have made favorable comments regarding the Manmin ministry.
CRI (Christian Research Institute) and many cult researchers started to pay attention to this new Korean cult. Lee-Jaerock has a plan to have a gathering in New York City in May 2006. Manmin is scheduled to start to air the TV programs, called "Testimonial Concert" and "Sermons" about Lee-Jaerock's activity from a Christian TV broadcasting station in New York from the end of July 2005. Russian churches in New York are showing interest in cooperating with Lee-Jaerock for 2006 New York gathering. A Russian pastor who is the owner of TBN Christian TV (St. Petersburg), Igor Nikitin is helping Lee-Jaerock to diffuse his false teachings.

2) Honduras
Churches did not set great importance to theological issues, Manmin is expanding the range of ministry.
The director of Manmin World Mission in Honduras is Esteban Handal. He recently was given the pastorship from Manmin church.

3) Peru
Churches did not set great importance to theological issues, Peru crusade is expected to be held on 2 Dec 2004. But conflictions are being made with the missionaries from AOG, Korea ( Pure Gospel Church, pastors David Cho ).

4) Africa – Kenya, Uganda
Churches did not set great importance to theological issues, but it is expanding the ministry through the success of crusade in Kenya, Uganda. Manmin has a plan to hold a gathering in Kinshasa of Congo in March 2006. Lee-Jaeck started to connect to many Congo politicians.

5) Russia
Manmin had a gathering with the help of Union of Christians, 12 Nov 2003. Manmin appointed a missionary in St. Petersburg. But the branch church is not established yet. TBN Christian TV is helping Lee-Jaerock.

6) Germany
Lee-Jaerock and Manmin church is rejected by the major churches of Germany. So 1 Oct 2004, in Dusseldorf, the Russian pentecostal churches helped crusade of Manmin. But 3 German pastors resigned for the members of preparation committee of this crusade. So this crusade was held for Russian churches and African churches in Germany.

7) Other European country
A church in Belgium and African churches in EU showed interests for this ministry.

8) India
Because of heresy dispute, whole presiding board was resigned in the large scale during the gathering in Chennai 2002. Now after 2 years of crusade, a branch church was established.

9) Philippines
There are great amount of theological disputes and several times of gatherings, Manmin's
ministry is getting to be widely known, but branch churches are only 2 in Manila and Cavite.

10) Austraria
There is no gathering scheduled yet. There is no branch church. Manmin is known as a cult group by the effort of Korean churches.

11) Egypt
September 2005, a gathering is scheduled in Cairo. An anticult committee to cope with Manmin's gathering was created. 

12) UAE, Dubai
Crusade was cancelled by the stop of UAE police department. This is the first case in the overseas mission history of Manmin. By local churches, Manmin is rejected as cult and asked UAE government to stop Manmin's gathering.

13) China
May 20 2005, crusade was scheduled in Beijing. But this gathering was cancelled by the decision of the Highest Government Committee. The National Security Department of China took action to monitor Manmin's activity in Beijing. This gathering was able to be stopped by the cooperation of Chinese church, Korean missionaries in China, anticult associations in Korea.

[3] The issues to be solved in the future for Manmin Joong-ang Church

1) Setup definite Manmin Holiness Theological System. Be based on the word of God. The theological system presently runs about in confusion according to the prophesies of a woman evangelist who is told to receive prophesies directly from God.
2) Stop deification of Lee-Jaerock through terminology purification.
3) Stop deification of Lee-Jaerock that is also occurring from false exaggerated advertisements and exaggerations about his faith healing. And Manmin needs to set higher priority on evangelism so that a person may believe in Jesus Christ and be saved, even if he is not healed.
4) The church must reconstruct the direction of sermons so that they are centered to preaching of Jesus Christ.
5) Enhance the transparency through joining organization and mutual cooperation for inter-denominational and global friendship with various evangelical Christian denominations in the world.
6) Stop the practice of giving Church position appointments mainly to Lee-Jaerock's family members and relatives.


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