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Letter to the friend workers in China concerning the Manmin's activity in Beijing

Dear Friend worker, Missionary of Jesus Christ.

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. It's my pleasure to contact you.
I decided to send you an email, because I came to get intelligence information that the Lee-Jaerock sect, which was defined as a dangerous heretic of extreme mysticism by CCK (Christian Counsel of Korea,, Hankichong) and by most of the Christian denominations of Korea, through the MBC headquarters assault by violence, is under lobby with China Government to get permission to held large-scale of occult healing crusade in Beijing, May 2005.

The Lee-Jaerock sect is performing without hesitation, the occult acts like OBE(out of body experience), divination, soothsaying and occult prophesy. And it is diffusing its influences recently through occult healing gatherings in India, Philippines, Germany, Peru and Russia.
Currently the Manmin sect has 10s of local churches and 20s of missionaries in the mainland China. And 3 churches were said to get formal permission from local government and to expend its influence freely, so we have come to feel that preachings and education against the dangerousness of this Lee-Jaerock sect is urgent.

Recently Elder Sungkeun Bin (Director of Planning Board, the president of Woorim Publishing Co.) of the Lee-Jaerock sect, is planning to meet a government official in Beijing and start lobbying step by step. So I think it is urgently necessary that the China missionaries of Korean and overseas denominations should be allied to stop this gathering and the diffusion of this sect. As well, it also would be necessary to lead the authorities to reconsider whether the sect churches are appropriate for the permission, seeing that its immoral doctrines bring about social disorder and crimes.

The Manmin sect also has doctrines of sadism and group sex. It is not exaggeration to say that Lee-Jaerock is the second Sun Myung Moon (Rev. Moon, Unification church), supported by strong and evil occult forces. And because of this sex doctrine - changing blood (pi-gal-uem), that is severely opposed in the Bible and the commandments of God and Jesus Christ, approximately 60 persons of assistant pastors and ministers have quit this sect.

I am currently cooperating with KAACH (Korea Association Against Church Heresy) and fighting against it by creating world-wide anti-network of the Lee-Jaerock sect. Please visit and refer the following web links to find out more about sex acts and occult practices of Lee-Jaerock. (dedicated Korean web blog on internet)

I need a help of brothers or sisters who will share the work of translation of above materials on web and the dedicated analysis in the book of "Sect identity of Lee-Jaerock". It should be finished within March 2005, before this sect starts the main campaign in China cities. Please contact us to help urgently and to be allied to stop the diffusion of the Lee-Jaerock sect. 

I ask you prayers and support, recommendation and advice for this matter.
Please contact me by email

I will contact you soon again with more updated news and report.
May the grace of God and Jesus Christ be with you. I will look forward your earliest feedback.


Ezekiel, the servant of Lord Jesus Christ, loving China


만민중앙교회-이재록 오컬트(Occult)집단, 20055월 중국베이징에서 대규모 집회준비

선교동지 동역자 여러분 안녕하십니까

이렇게 연락드리게 된것은 지난 99 MBC폭력점거사건등으로 한기총 및 각 교단에서 극단적 신비주의의 무서운 이단자로 규정이 된 이재록 집단이 2005년 중국 북경에서 대규모 집회를 열기위해 중국정부에서 허가를 얻도록 로비중이라는 첩보를 얻어 연락을 드리게 되었습니다

이재록 집단은 탈영, 접신행위, 대언등 오컬트(Occult,무당행위)를 서슴치 않고 하고 있으며 최근 인도, 필리핀, 페루, 독일, 러시아등지에서 오컬트 치료집회를 통해 교세를 확대 중입니다. 현재 만민집단은 10여개의 지교회와 20명가까운 선교사가 활동중이며, 3개의 지교회는 중국정부로 부터 허가까지 받아 활동중이라하니, 이재록 집단에 대한 이단홍보가 얼마나 시급한지를 알게 됩니다.

최근 이재록 집단의 빈 성건 장로(기획실실장, 우림출판사 대표)가 북경의 정부관리를 만나 단계단계 로비중이므로, 한국 교계의 중국선교사님들도 연합하여 이 집회를 저지하고 위험하 이단 오컬트집단의 확산을 막는 것이 필요하리라고 생각이 되며 아울러 사회질서를 혼란시키고 범죄를 유발하는 교리들을 볼 때, 기존의 허가받은 지교회도 허가를 재검토하도록 유도하는 것이 필요하지 않을까 합니다.

만민집단은 문선명집단과 유사한 Sex, 혼음교리도 가지고 있습니다. 이재록은 강력하고 사악한 오컬트 세력의 지원을 받는 제2의 문선명이라고 해도 과언이 아니며, 심히 성경과 하나님과 예수그리스도의 계명에 대적하는 sex교리(피갈음)으로 99년도 약 60여명의 목사 전도사가 탈퇴한 바 있습니다.

저는 현재 기독교 이단문제 연구소와 협력하고 전세계적인 반 이재록집단 네트워크를 형성하여 대항하고 있습니다. 이재록의 섹스 오켈트행각을 보시려면 과 전문 블로그인를 참조하십시오.

상기의 자료와 책자("이재록의 이단정체-이대복 저")를 번역하는데 도움을 주실분이 필요한데 긴급히 도와주시어서 이재록집단을 연합하여 저지할 수 있다면 얼마나 좋겠는지요. 많은 기도와 지원, 추천을 부탁드립니다. 메일 : Ezekiel <>

또 연락 드리겠습니다. 중국을 사랑하는 예수님의 종 Ezekiel 드림 


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